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Spell check of yawp

Correct spelling: yawp

grumble, call, screak, whinge, gripe, wail, skreak, shout, maunder, screech, beef, caterwaul, murmur, squeal, wrawl, nag, yowl, creak, bleat, yell, yammer, grouch, brood, croak, howl, scream, grizzle, keen, halloo, kick, whine, grump, clamor, bellow, cry, moan, yip, bellyache, carp, yap, squawk, holler, growl, mutter, yelp, fuss, grouse, bluster, kvetch, repine, stew, whimper, snivel, bawl, crab, vociferate, whoop, squeak, sounds, roar, inveigh.

take, accept, bear, commend, applaud, endure, rejoice, cheer, tolerate, countenance, delight, crow.

Examples of usage:

1) He uttered a feeble yawp as one of the links was clasped about his wrist. - "The Gray Phantom's Return", Herman Landon.

2) If you, or Watkins, or Greasy let out a yawp that can be construed as a signal for anyone to bust into the game, or if there's anything started by your friends which ain't your doing, I'm going to pump six chunks of lead into you so fast that they'll be playing tag with one another going through. - "The Coming of the Law", Charles Alden Seltzer.

3) I'll cut your throat, threatened Big Bob, if you don't close your yawp. - "Boy Scouts in Mexico; or On Guard with Uncle Sam", G. Harvey Ralphson.