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Spell check of yardstick

Correct spelling: yardstick

prototype, baseline, rule, yard measure, mould, transit, sextant, test, level, scale, bar, archetype, log, blowlamp, adjustable wrench, protractor, Allen wrench, exemplar, grade, touchstone, bit, norm, metric, genotype, standard, ruler, awl, compass, quality, dial, bellows, specimen, criterion, barometer, measure, line, bradawl, gold standard, par, blowtorch, straightedge, quality assurance, pattern, micrometer, box end wrench, model, paradigm, yard, gauge, rod, tape measure, vernier, square, applicator, bench mark, benchmark, mark, T square, usual, rating, calipers.

aberration, abnormality, deviation.

Examples of usage:

1) But the most common name was the one that stuck- Yardstick. - "This Crowded Earth", Robert Bloch.

2) Oh, it was getting to be a Yardstick world, and no mistake. - "This Crowded Earth", Robert Bloch.

3) We'll have Yardstick government then, all the way, and Yardstick law. - "This Crowded Earth", Robert Bloch.