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Spell check of Yann

Correct spelling: Yann

Examples of usage:

1) The parrots had all flown home to the jungle on either bank, the monkeys in rows in safety on high branches of the trees were silent and asleep, the fireflies in the deeps of the forest were going up and down, and the great stars came gleaming out to look on the face of Yann. - "Tales of Three Hemispheres", Lord Dunsany.

2) Then the sailors lighted lanterns and hung them round the ship, and the light flashed out on a sudden and dazzled Yann, and the ducks that fed along his marshy banks all suddenly arose, and made wide circles in the upper air, and saw the distant reaches of the Yann and the white mist that softly cloaked the jungle, before they returned again into their marshes. - "Tales of Three Hemispheres", Lord Dunsany.

3) This second girl, whose coiffure was a high- piled confection of black, white, yellow, red, blue, and green, half- masted her screen and said: Oh, thanks, Jethay of Lodie- Yann. - "The Galaxy Primes", Edward Elmer Smith.