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Spell check of yank

Correct spelling: yank

haul, Canuck, Yankee-Doodle, twitch, flick, Yankee, pluck at, dago, tug, lurch, colored, draw, tow, northerner, heave, grab, hitch, drag, flip, coolie, snap, New Englander, black, buck, trail, wrench, move, coloured, tear at, pluck, pull, strain, push, Eskimo, jiggle.

heave, thrust, push, shove.

Examples of usage:

1) I mean the kind where you yank the tooth out without the owner knowing it.

2) I'll just get a dentist to yank it out if I can find one to do it without pain.

3) With a yank that brought the tears springing to her eyes, he said: About that bottle now- ain't you a mite mistaken?