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Spell check of yammering

Correct spelling: yammering

Examples of usage:

1) " And every mother's son of them yammering 'mother- lode, '" Smoke laughed. - "Smoke Bellew", Jack London.

2) However, there were no screams of alarm, and there were no blasts of yammering machine- gun fire as the two youths covered forty yards in their headlong dash and reached the first of the parked bombers. - "Dave Dawson at Casablanca", Robert Sydney Bowen.

3) You will recall, however, that Bud had ridden slowly into the business district of Crater, and his passing had been unmarked except by the barking of dogs that spent their nights in yammering at every sound and so were never taken seriously. - "Cow-Country", B. M. Bower.