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Spell check of xenophobia

Correct spelling: xenophobia

standoffishness, expatriation, solitude, Brown v. Board of Education, extirpation, the Bakke decision, anonymity, disbarment, anglophobe, captivity, extradition, exclusion, detachment, confinement, excommunication, seclusion, aloneness, apartheid, removal, deportation, elimination, alienation, exile, Black Power, eradication, loneliness, rejection, reclusion, isolation, segregation, anti-Semite, banishment, color-blind, desegregation, ostracism, ejection, separation, color line, misanthropy, anti-Semitic, aloofness.

Examples of usage:

1) Acute attacks of xenophobia often caused riots in the city. - "Saint Augustin", Louis Bertrand.