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Spell check of wretched

Correct spelling: wretched

faulty, unsatisfactory, undeserving, low-spirited, deplorable, dirty, shoddy, trashy, dissident, infectious, down, vicious, anxious, cheerless, slimed, coarse, reprehensible, filthy, pitiful, inferior, frightful, heartrending, suboptimal, shabby, downcast, detrimental, solemn, dark, foul, saddened, desolate, piteous, vile, irreconcilable, dissatisfactory, frustrated, disquieted, low-grade, Cimmerian, wrong, cross, black, down in the mouth, tenebrific, do for, disgruntled, ignominious, excruciating, junky, uneasy, mediocre, lamentable, abominable, cut-rate, obnoxious, rueful, scabby, el cheapo, unworthy, scurvy, lousy, nasty, heartbroken, surly, nauseating, worse, nefarious, joyless, unacceptable, woful, such as it is, deficient, trumpery, thorough, heartbreaking, comfortless, bleak, low-minded, low-down, distressing, defective, ratty, afflicted, discomposed, utterly, bargain-basement, depressive, sorry, fragile, currish, schlock, disgusting, inadequate, sneaking, low, invalid, rotten, unhealthy, heavyhearted, noisome, chill, heartsore, arrant, unfit, damnable, silly, unfortunate, despicable, execrable, sucky, downright, melancholy, sorrowful, woeful, doleful, horrifying, bum, unpleasant, saturnine, sad, nauseous, off, poor, despondent, disapproving, short, uncomfortable, snide, ill-suited, subpar, mean, brokenhearted, weak, dilapidated, misfortunate, lonely, plutonian, non-satisfied, down-at-heel, depressing, condemned, miserable, utter, unhappy, morose, abject, elegiac, droopy, bush, wanting, crestfallen, dejected, dire, cold, base, cast down, paltry, ticked off, failing, unwell, ugly, cruddy, downhearted, fed up, godforsaken, darkening, cheesy, loathsome, cheap, abhorrent, gloomy, beaten-up, worthless, sordid, morbid, dismal, displeasing, sour, suffering, depressed, offensive, grubby, creaky, funereal, measly, mournful, sepulchral, detestable, beat-up, inconsolable, low-rent, pitiable, repugnant, hopelessly, ill, lame, dishonorable, pathetic, bored, melancholic, displeased, hangdog, sadly, heartsick, gimcrack, lonesome, dissatisfied, bad, terrible, awful, unsound, glum, despisable, forlorn, sickening, infamous, dreary, bush-league, discontent, malcontent, frail, queasy, cheapjack, tenebrous, ungratified, sullen, irremediable, baneful, crummy, decrepit, disconsolate, ridiculous, second-rate, contemptible, scummy, broken-down, sunless, sleazy, rubbishy, substandard, slimy, anguished, good, condemnable, common, irritated, inadvisable, exasperated, unspeakable, odious, antipathetic, somber, cloudy, atrocious, punk, wack, teed off, murky, touching, distressed, moving, restless, gray, derelict, dreich, criminal, lugubrious, happy, woebegone, hapless, drear, unfavorable, sick, flimsy, blue, horrible.

encouraging, perky, ecstatic, fair, choice, sanguine, bang-up, unexceptional, easygoing, average, grinning, heartwarming, tolerable, handsome, passable, reputable, bright, excellent, swell, animated, hopeful, satisfied, seemly, overjoyed, content, lofty, groovy, nifty, commendable, moral, middling, lighthearted, incorruptible, encouraged, careless, terrific, right, first-rate, noble, rosy, top-notch, glad, smiling, helpful, cordial, outstanding, noteworthy, exhilarated, venerable, optimistic, merry, friendly, useful, unimpressive, happy-go-lucky, beaming, heavenly, laudable, blithe, cheery, slick, jim-dandy, jubilant, high-grade, bouncing, irreproachable, dandy, gladsome, blissful, spirited, high-minded, energetic, special, acceptable, gleeful, entranced, fortunate, festive, happy, rhapsodic, prime, cavalier, rapturous, mirthful, uninspiring, great, jovial, jocular, better, jocose, buoyant, presentable, beneficent, zippy, admirable, jolly, lively, jaunty, lightsome, upbeat, borderline, jocund, sensational, divine, laughing, fancy, honorable, crackerjack, supernal, vital, frisky, thrilled, adequate, glorious, boss, just, all right, righteous, capital, praiseworthy, superb, premium, joyous, pleased, mighty, springy, superior, excited, right-minded, exceptional, exultant, comfy, decent, exemplary, tip-top, sprightful, ethical, mean, so-so, unerring, virtuous, elegant, sprightly, comfortable, marvelous, perfect, notable, noticeable, handcrafted, straight, cheering, dignified, unsurpassed, keen, delighted, elated, sunshiny, splendid, sunny, scrupulous, blameless, flawless, first-class, principled, cheerful, sterling, gladdened, minimal, sufficient, uncorrupted, creditable, gratifying, chipper, wonderful, superlative, neat, par excellence, carefree, redoubtable, exalted, comforting, banner, commanding, devil-may-care, heartened, respectable, good, polished, mediocre, classical, classic, worthy, euphoric, standard, boon, tasteful, top, sublime, high, refined, exuberant, proper, satisfying, fabulous, buoyed, grand, upright, insouciant, peppy, unconcerned, fine, joyful, enraptured, honest, stellar, meritorious, blithesome, suitable, gratified, vivacious, guiltless, august, OK, A1, satisfactory.

Examples of usage:

1) How was she to face Martin with the wretched story? - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

2) He smiled a wretched, drawn smile. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

3) Being so wretched, what more had I to fear? - "A Lady's Captivity among Chinese Pirates in the Chinese Seas", Fanny Loviot.