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Spell check of withdraw

Correct spelling: withdraw

conduct, rob, withdrawn, seclude, reserve, impound, lead, pay in, demand, chicken out, disown, close, discriminate, transfer, reject, resign, absorb, subscribe to, bow out, draw out, use up, abandon, flee, visit, live with, embark, vacate, retrograde, come away, go to sleep, move out, take back, blow, forsake, keep, carry off, cast, disassociate, get away, pull in, stop, debunk, disabuse, get, suck up, acquire, exit, repossess, steal, invite out, carry, extricate, bury, take aim, forget, sweep away, call, disprove, call in, engage, take off, contain, antisocial, call up, retreat, hire, rescind, need, discontinue, select, nullify, mortgage, active duty, pick out, occupy, renege, thread, drop off, show, choose, line, insular, absent, give up, requisition, rent, assume, string, go, take away, pull back, take, amputate, bring back, immerse, ban, describe, detach, have, dissolve, draw in, hold back, leave, hit the sack, eradicate, consider, postulate, hit, ask, put out, repress, leave off, deprive, air cover, necessitate, return, force, refute, fill, recant, disavow, desist, bar, reap, back down, abstract, slay, learn, surrender, involve, forward, abolish, eviscerate, lease, crawfish, appropriate, delete, retract, get rid of, move back, reverse, quarter, part, explode, reclusive, abnegate, turn in, guide, hit the hay, terminate, stamp out, clear, deal, flush out, isolate, pack, shove off, pull up, depart, abdicate, quit, come back, bank, bed, disclaim, defect, ask out, annul, self-contained, imbibe, recall, recess, destroy, drop back, unpack, call off, clamp down, train, distinguish, bump off, dispatch, switch, draw, admit, invalidate, remove, encroach, deny, extract, retrieve, leave out, subscribe, bring, pull in one's horns, disengage, quash, back off, go off with, remember, neutralize, call for, require, swallow up, black out, weed out, buy food, confound, extinguish, solitary, beleaguered, get off, break up, contract, draw off, release, trace, adopt, film, discredit, introduce, pull away, omit, veto, sequester, accept, dismiss, go to bed, unsay, excerpt, off, get down, sop up, adjourn, excavate, get hold of, bombed-out, draw away, hark back, dispute, get out, set apart, exclude, drag, open, obliterate, go away, pull, tie, bear off, push off, take on, read, take out, seize, repudiate, run, sack out, call back, shed, study, divert, lose, split, look at, decamp, dissociate, retiring, assemble, repeal, aim, divorce, pull out, drive, disembowel, depict, belligerent, borrow, fall behind, draw and quarter, prohibit, delineate, negate, retain, cry off, carry away, attract, move on, aggressor, think, deflate, hold, efface, soak up, crawfish out, puff, stay-at-home, move, polish off, free, consume, credit, draw back, forgo, cut out, pull off, disallow, kip down, bear away, make, approach, eat up, echo, abrogate, distract, sequestrate, purloin, claim, exact, fall back, suppress, dislodge, back out, charter, take in, undo, abjure, back away, detract, ingest, relinquish, direct, shoot, take up, convey, cancel, refuse, crawl in, battle cry, active service, decline, withhold, submit, strike out, pass, disaffirm, recollect, retire, desert, recede, renounce, except, attach, separate, keep apart, revoke, confiscate, cease, forswear, forbid, strike, debit, capitulate, eliminate, waive.

clamp, avow, secure, brave, advance, claim, outbrave, place, dare, conjoin, confront, defy, assert, ingrain, entrench, put, affirm, complete, beard, operate, uphold, lock, embrace, acknowledge, adopt, add, engage, support, vow, restore, bank, back, profess, adhere, declare, increase, proclaim, vouch, anchor, maintain, lodge, set up, site, brazen, mount, unite, stick, set, admit, position, espouse, fix, endorse, state, fill up, embed, accept, confirm, mesh, defend, moor, root, hitch, combine, situate, implant, contend, strengthen, face.

Examples of usage:

1) I withdraw the request which I made a while ago; I don't want a dividend if it has to come through your influence and your power. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

2) I simply could not withdraw my mind from that incident- that half hour in her presence. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

3) Now, I withdraw; for Burmah puts India quite in the shade! - "From Edinburgh to India & Burmah", William G. Burn Murdoch.