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Spell check of wit

Correct spelling: wit

posting, comedian, smart, placard, troubled, scorecard, soundness, sense of humour, sense of humor, saneness, brainiac, jocoseness, zaniness, percipience, notice, liquid body substance, playfulness, facetiousness, lineup, horse sense, whimsy, bill of fare, clear-sightedness, board, sensibleness, word smith, brain, mastermind, quip, smoothness, deftness, wariness, bill, nous, background, wiliness, bodily fluid, sagacity, wisecrack, belletrist, quipster, clown, snakiness, sharpness, discreetness, wisecracker, visiting card, mastery, calling card, raillery, daylights, resourcefulness, ingeniousness, art, marble, skill, cunning, body fluid, intuition, inventiveness, wittiness, epigram, desperate, sally, menu, acumen, humorist, joke, gumption, subtlety, lucidness, gagman, trickiness, sageness, discretion, shrewdness, competence, sly, satire, outlook, perspicacity, hopeless, essayist, funnyman, levelheadedness, badinage, slipperiness, jest, judgment, laughter, savoir-faire, funniness, subtleness, sense, eye, identity card, practice, comicality, hilarity, foxiness, comedy, common sense, temper, prudence, slyness, farcicality, ability, discernment, scurrility, ludicrousness, scintillation, sophistry, ingenuity, genius, policy, punster, cutup, aphorism, gagster, wise guy, encephalon, experience, mind-set, astuteness, irony, plug-in, witticism, banterer, slickness, banter, circuit card, proficiency, caginess, actor, playwright, comic, dramatist, guile, ridiculousness, perceptiveness, mind, nose, mindset, slapstick, repartee, learning ability, percipiency, discrimination, hardheadedness, jocularity, prankster, adroitness, circuit board, good-time Charlie, understanding, finesse, cleverness, pun, lucidity, wag, sanity, joker, intellect, urbanity, sane, mood, levity, comedy of errors, humor, mentality, poster, artfulness, humour, mental capacity, burlesque, marbles, card, psyche, quickness, carte du jour, jocosity, head, scriptwriter, waggle, carte, waggery, pleasantry, canniness, brainpower, columnist, reason, craftiness, author, drollness, buffoon, intelligence, zany, sophistication, writer, jokester, farceur, batting order, helpless, brilliance, deviousness, wisdom, knowingness, fun, waggishness, vision, cunningness, copywriter, add-in, humorousness, clarity, facility, comicalness, shake, gagger, laughing stock, jester, careful, at a loss, droll, drollery, keenness.

foolishness, naïveté, hallucination, delirium, senselessness, dementia, simplemindedness, artlessness, madness, stupidity, naiveness, idiocy, indiscretion, obtuseness, fatuity, vacuity, ingenuousness, unworldliness, slowness, derangement, guilelessness, seriousness, frenzy, unreasonableness, unsophistication, oafishness, dumbness, greenness, heedlessness, dopiness, stolidity, simplicity, lunacy, carelessness, sobriety, brainlessness, imprudence, stupidness, insanity, mania, mindlessness, dulness, witlessness, delusion, shortsightedness, innocence, unreason, density, doltishness, solemnity, hysteria, simpleness, gravity.

Examples of usage:

1) He might have been capable, on occasion, of exercising a more grown- up and polished wit; but when he played with the Crevequers he admirably adapted himself to their young comprehension. - "The Furnace", Rose Macaulay.

2) She made no reply but smiled at him, indulgent of his wit. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

3) Where, I would ask you, am I to find a man that has education enough and wit enough and character enough to put up speaking on the platform on the minute? - "Contemporary One-Act Plays Compiler: B. Roland Lewis", Sir James M. Barrie George Middleton Althea Thurston Percy Mackaye Lady Augusta Gregor Eugene Pillot Anton Tchekov Bosworth Crocker Alfred Kreymborg Paul Greene Arthur Hopkins Paul Hervieu Jeannette Marks Oscar M. Wolff David Pinski Beulah Bornstead Herma.