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Spell check of wiliness

Correct spelling: wiliness

guilefulness, fraud, scurrility, subtlety, cleverness, sophistry, subtleness, cunningness, dissimulation, trickiness, shrewdness, guile, resourcefulness, craftiness, chicane, foxiness, cunning, craft, wile, insight, slickness, crookedness, intellect, cozenage, canniness, deviousness, comedy, deceptiveness, deception, humor, ingenuity, deftness, brilliance, double-dealing, finesse, ingeniousness, wariness, foresight, adroitness, honest, trickery, irony, means, workmanship, sneakiness, caginess, slipperiness, cheating, instinct, trade, slyness, dishonesty, dupery, shenanigan, art, skill, drollness, deceitfulness, chicanery, inventiveness, artfulness, scintillation, dissembling, mastery, snakiness, sharpness, crookery, quickness, wit, sly, facility, intuition, artifice, fakery, smoothness, craftsmanship, duplicity, urbanity, astuteness.

frankness, guilelessness, goodness, truthfulness, sincerity, solidity, plainspokenness, trustworthiness, incorruptibility, openness, reliability, plainness, virtuousness, directness, reliableness, dependability, good faith, righteousness, trustability, probity, honesty, candidness, forthrightness, candor, artlessness, uprightness, ingenuousness, trustiness, decency, integrity.

Examples of usage:

1) Against this summary verdict the observer sets the beast's industry, its talent as a weaver, its wiliness in the chase, its tragic nuptials and other characteristics of great interest. - "The Life of the Spider", J. Henri Fabre.

2) There were many such men in the republic of Florence, all as great as Strozzi, and as able as their adversaries the Medici, though vanquished by the superior craft and wiliness of the latter. - "Catherine de' Medici", Honore de Balzac.

3) No amount of bribery would accomplish that; it would have to be ingenuity pitted against animal force, the wiliness of the fox against the power of the wolf. - "El Dorado", Baroness Orczy.