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Spell check of wiener

Correct spelling: wiener

fillet, pork chop, pork, pawl, smoked sausage, frank, London broil, rump roast, cad, turkey, roast beef, sirloin steak, chameleon, pot roast, yes man, bounder, ground beef, birdie, click, roast, dog-iron, lackey, pygmy, headcheese, mutton, kidney, bunny, wienerwurst, venison, tenderloin, ham hock, sirloin, frankfurter, detent, meat pie, big, beef, lamb chop, link, vienna sausage, blackguard, sausage, flank, paper tiger, chipped beef, weed, jerky, red hot, loin chop, andiron, bow-wow, minute steak, cutlet, bang, meat loaf, T-bone steak, frump, hotdog, hamburger, lamb, Canadian bacon, hound, doormat, firedog, porterhouse steak, domestic dog, choo-choo, poultry, zero, cold cuts, boo-boo, filet mignon, corned beef, cold, cross, ribs, worm, softie, chicken, ham, dog, tripe, veal, meat, liver, brisket, hot dog, chop, spareribs, Norbert Wiener, cracklings, bacon, heel, flesh.

Examples of usage:

1) Thus the Wiener Diarum for 1766 includes him among the most distinguished musicians of Vienna, and describes him as " the darling of our nation." - "Haydn", J. Cuthbert Hadden.

2) A waiter deposited a dish of Wiener Nierenbraten in front of Elaine. - "The Unbearable Bassington", Saki.

3) She would sit in the rocking chair and read the newspaper, or the Wiener Mode, generally not in the best of humour. - "The Goose Man", Jacob Wassermann.