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Spell check of wee

Correct spelling: wee

minimal, cause, ready, minute, arrive at, puny, baby, miserly, picayune, hit, midget, produce, pretend, take a leak, Lilliputian, pull in, teeny, discreet, delicate, atomic, take, sparing, name, modest, piddle away, stimulate, bitty, trifling, weeny, infinitesimal, do, peewee, realize, scrawny, paltry, teentsy, seduce, pass water, little, constitute, dwarfish, toy, make up, meager, bow-wow, throw, make, spend a penny, negligible, have, trifle, miniature, nugatory, microscopic, small, ungenerous, teensy, wanton away, bring in, tiny, Pygmy, spare, get to, early, build, clear, give, bitsy, birdie, reach, induce, cook, bunny, scant, weensy, pocket, attain, itsy-bitsy, muddle, establish, bittie, take a crap, slight, micturate, little bitty, take a shit, microminiature, make believe, relieve oneself, short, bantam, create, minor, deficient, stool, pee-pee, scanty, take in, prepare, smallish, big, diminutive, compact, cold, dwarf, wanton, draw, earn, lay down, make water, work, piddle, fix, ca-ca, form, wee-wee, stingy, bang, itty-bitty, pintsize, choo-choo, hold, teensy-weensy, boo-boo, piddling, niggardly, get, nominate, construct, score, puddle, addle, slim, petite, minuscule, gain, cross, realise, pintsized, beggarly, teeny-weeny, progress to.

mountainous, jumbo, colossal, lofty, monolithic, grandiose, staggering, substantial, great, vast, heroic, majestic, cosmic, whacking, boundless, elephantine, handsome, giant, towering, herculean, stupendous, monumental, formidable, super, prodigious, middle, large, planetary, hefty, gross, imposing, oversize, cavernous, massive, titanic, astronomical, overgrown, bumper, immeasurable, gigantic, good, hulking, monstrous, huge, largish, sizable, whopping, tremendous, bulky, goodly, outsize, considerable, big, major, enormous, voluminous, extensive, mammoth, monster, immense, vasty, king-size, grand, infinite, late.

Examples of usage:

1) But I get more good switherin' over an ant- hill than whin wan o' thim wee praychers thry t' make me feel as miserable as th' divil! - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

2) " Cheer up, wee girl," he said, " our ship's comin' in soon." - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

3) There's a wee bit of a garden wi' a fence aroun' it. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.