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Spell check of waste

Correct spelling: waste

excess, redundancy, riot away, ware, wreck, depopulate, finish, grow, cabbagetown, lavish, damage, drive off, lose, superfluous, effluent, decompose, xerox, cantonment, dead, misspend, raving mad, wane, botch, dump, bluster, barbarian, abscond, ball up, garbage collector, molder, increase, junked, run out, bolt, waste product, barbaric, cop, help, overcome, useless, shove off, while, throw away, forsake, abandon, chaff, redundance, fiddle away, dotty, misemploy, drain, untamed, discarded, wilt, garbage disposal, misapply, dissolution, extravagance, crazy, snitch, photocopy, wipe out, toss off, smash, purposeless, hardscrabble, inhospitable, landfill, shoot a line, turn back, be adrift, profitless, uninhabited, borough, float, rubbish, exterminate, elope, strangle, enrich, wreak havoc, take, develop, despoilment, binman, rot, dwindle, residue, emaciate, waste material, unserviceable, ruin, fizzle, leakage, brag, field, unfertile, drive away, decrease, win, barren, eat, leak, dejecta, ransack, profusion, unnecessary, harry, mishandle, uncivilized, knock out, scourge, bungle, rend, offal, foul up, excrete, strong, overuse, filings, area, pillage, chase away, debris, bony, make off, subcontinent, gaga, devour, spoil, fritter away, indulge, spend, used, deteriorate, armpit, bobble, botch up, tout, gasconade, ravage, fool away, unproductive, refuse, slay, dreary, overplus, run through, scatter, drift, barrio, deject, remnant, splurge, beat, swathe, do in, depredate, go off, muck up, absquatulate, ingest, crush, dispel, sink, weaken, brownfield, vaunt, unwarranted, drive out, uncivilised, valueless, curbside collection, plain, savage, flag, decline, have, empty, droop, industrious, shave, overwork, yen, litter, angry, slaughter, fantastic, beetle off, poor, flagellate, hazardous, rub out, nullify, disposal, profit, functionless, degenerate, languish, consume, impoverished, knock-off, carry off, bollix, gas, bollocks up, fatigue, unfounded, cut off, bodge, decay, go down on, agora, abuse, bump off, groundless, cut down, flub, zap, lay waste to, superabundance, yearn, run dry, fade, bonfire, drop, run off, swash, dumping ground, slop, baseless, desolate, trifle away, misuse, furious, fling off, take in, sweep, counterbalance, hook, fail, down, blow, use up, pine away, disappear, impoverish, shove along, dissipate, plateau, junk, fluff, deplete, divert, chuck away, overpower, moulder, wastefulness, decamp, profligacy, off, go through, dawdle, assassinate, counteract, thieve, block, neutralise, bollix up, surplus, spill, dissipation, the mainland, save, countervail, fumble, burbs, scrap, wear out, blow out, miss, detritus, wild, fellate, pay off, bumble, black hole, put away, eat up, raging, lavishness, garbage, waste matter, trash, remains, swath, boast, squander, screw up, licentiousness, permissive waste, e-waste, worthless, burn up, garbage dump, exorbitance, ache, lay waste, thrash, devastate, massacre, steppe, pointless, violent, pine, prostitution, burn out, godforsaken, wastage, macerate, desert, wile, negate, dustman, louse up, mar, thriftlessness, stark, despoil, risky, idle, intemperance, dispatch, neutralize, superfluity, vandalize, wasteland, glom, mess up, cast-off, defeat, bolt out, dash off, looseness, infertile, exhaust, land mass, tempestuous, destroy, liquidate, prodigality.

economize, tillable, luxuriant, arable, fertile, need, scantiness, green, economise, insufficiency, failure, deficiency, lack, dearth, hospitable, conserve, shortcoming, defect, frugality, productive, inadequacy, fruitful, sylvan, economy, rich, husband, poverty, want, lush, verdant, destitution.

Examples of usage:

1) We can't waste time. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

2) Their share does not lie waste, though they are unable to work it themselves, and their share belongs to them immediately because they are persons, and not because they may afterwards become labourers. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

3) There would be as much waste of labour as before. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.