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Spell check of voracious

Correct spelling: voracious

hopped-up, enthusiastic, intemperate, nuts, wolflike, keen, crapulent, devouring, excessive, famished, extravagant, excited, ardent, great, enthused, acquisitive, ravenous, vulturous, thirsty, stoked, desirous, boundless, agog, solicitous, crazy, desire, edacious, unappeasable, gluttonous, ravening, gung ho, sharp-set, hot, geeked, gross, juiced, omnivorous, swinish, impatient, rapacious, antsy, piggish, overindulgent, hungry, wolfish, esurient, immoderate, starved, hoggish, starving, pumped, vulturine, raptorial, greedy, ingestion, avid, athirst, raring, wild, insatiable, anxious, indulgent, predatory.

full, hesitant, stolid, glutted, aloof, satisfied, indifferent, languid, loath, content, detached, reluctant, insouciant, nonchalant, abstemious, lukewarm, incurious, disinterested, averse, unenthusiastic, sated, impassive, apathetic, stuffed, satiated, unwilling, halfhearted, unacquisitive, uninterested, disinclined, casual, uneager, languorous, lackadaisical, spiritless, unconcerned.

Examples of usage:

1) After months of not being able to look at food she grew surprisingly hungry, she became suddenly voracious, and ate and ate. - "The Pastor's Wife", Elizabeth von Arnim.

2) It says that the ant is a voracious creature. - "Rose of Dutcher's Coolly", Hamlin Garland.

3) You don't know what a voracious creature is? - "Rose of Dutcher's Coolly", Hamlin Garland.