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Spell check of volume

Correct spelling: volume

plateful, store, wad, novel, hoi polloi, finger, ton, expanse, hatful, distance, leaflet, plenty, myriad, lashings, acreage, great deal, ledger, biography, allocation, elbow room, gap, carload, amplitude, heap, profusion, wealth, deal, atlas, arithmetic, bundle, raft, log, basketful, plenitude, bulk, oodles, blook, peck, strength, glitz, flashiness, multiplicity, measure, allowance, intensiveness, annual, scads, height, bucket, brochure, chunkiness, bestseller, tablespoon, passel, chroma, range, tome, leger, measurement, rule book, index, dozen, brashness, air pocket, magazine, folio, spate, vividness, shipload, handbook, publication, lot, plateau, majority, booklet, width, quantity, stretch, room, mickle, book of account, masses, proportion, record, slew, compendium, corpulence, potful, audio-, field, length, abundance, script, break up, libretto, fistful, hogshead, region, gaudiness, book, serial, authority, work, pile, pamphlet, neighborhood, break, loads, manual, gill, textbook, greatness, plentitude, plane, intensity, play book, reach, audible, batch, cup, infinity, footprint, gobs, treatise, leeway, words, headroom, pint, liter, bigness, decaliter, amplification, verse, block, size, insert, big, al-Qur'an, accumulation, dimensions, chunk, catalog, complement, gallon, title, multitude, intensity level, bunch, magnum, territory, teaspoon, capacity, saturation, autobiography, centiliter, barrel, dimension, space, mass, scope, sound, loudness, acoustics, ounce, almanac, chronicle, balance, account book, record book, mess, cord, acoustic, tawdriness, quart, mint, clearance, portliness, flock, sheaf, pack, opus, cubage, scale, amount, magnitude, bushel, stack, tidy sum, report, backlog, zone, monograph, playscript, yard, good deal, boatload, garishness, dB, much, chapter, quantum, people, mountain, tract, span, reams, above, hundred, muckle, area, bible, milliliter, meretriciousness, decibel, sight, breadth, extent, list, anthology, quite a little, largeness, real estate, truckload, audio.

granule, inadequacy, ray, pinch, jot, shred, skimpiness, sprinkling, portion, spot, deficiency, modicum, shade, flyspeck, dab, scintilla, softness, sprinkle, want, hint, dearth, lick, absence, glimmer, scarcity, famine, morsel, molecule, dot, dram, paucity, mote, bit, mouthful, piece, whit, ounce, crumb, iota, scruple, handful, drop, smatter, mite, scantness, shadow, shot, ace, scrap, section, nubbin, deficit, insufficiency, atom, driblet, poverty, particle, fragment, trace, smidgen, speck, little, taste, nip, tittle, smattering, grain, shortage, tad, peanuts, touch, meagerness, undersupply, lack, strain, scarceness, scantiness, suspicion, streak, pittance, dash, fleck.

Examples of usage:

1) All that I can say of it, now that I have read it, is that it is a thin volume published in Brussels, by Lacomblez. - "Life and Writings of Maurice Maeterlinck", Jethro Bithell.

2) At the end of the volume were some three or four blank leaves, still tolerably clean. - "A Lady's Captivity among Chinese Pirates in the Chinese Seas", Fanny Loviot.

3) I have seen a volume of Goethe's works in your hands. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.