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Spell check of vicious

Correct spelling: vicious

ghastly, unrelenting, deadly, sinful, wrong, despiteful, unruly, vehement, fearsome, base, brutal, reprehensible, debased, dark, immoral, unrighteous, feral, sadistic, hellacious, corrosive, barbarian, guilty, beastly, pitiful, acute, spiteful, malign, fierce, ferocious, keen, vile, uncivilised, grim, condemnable, sullen, sinister, terrible, frightful, unlawful, deplorable, impure, treacherous, distressing, villainous, ill-natured, blistering, hostile, wild, heartless, truculent, hateful, butcherly, reprobate, insubordinate, iniquitous, abominable, toxicant, bitter, untamed, wicked, rotten, vindictive, depraved, brute, woeful, rancorous, mean, barbarous, inhumane, noble, dreadful, kind, churlish, baneful, nefarious, heavy, faulty, bad, nasty, antagonistic, foul, poisonous, perfidious, sorry, hard, inhuman, violent, wretched, malignant, indecent, ferine, excruciating, hurtful, bestial, libidinous, uncivilized, atrocious, catty, fiendish, virulent, illegal, malefic, criminal, licentious, help, malicious, profligate, exquisite, baleful, unethical, heavy-duty, furious, roughshod, savage, attitude, almighty, brutish, intensive, fell, impious, explosive, evil, malevolent, culpable, fearful, wolfish, flagitious, venomous, lamentable, cruel, sad, deep, black, unsavory, peccant, pure, execrable, lewd, right, demoralized, wanton, miserable, profound, heavy-handed, barbaric, felonious.

guiltless, affectionate, kindly, perfect, humanitarian, eased, benign, endorsed, compliant, cordial, cultured, lightened, promoted, weak, complaisant, exemplary, permitted, unaggressive, pleasant, pure, peaceful, meritorious, moderated, creditable, nightly, honorable, soft, white, high-minded, permissible, worthy, abated, uncorrupted, lessened, amorous, just, gracious, gentle, irreproachable, upright, sweet, sympathetic, sanctioned, blameless, noble, allowed, peaceable, virtuous, sublime, lenient, immaculate, respected, wholesome, supported, good, upstanding, human, toned, qualified, affable, venerable, right, legitimate, lofty, philanthropic, loving, warmhearted, law-abiding, kindhearted, magnanimous, principled, pitying, abetted, authorized, lily-white, good-hearted, subdued, clement, congenial, friendly, merciful, feeble, submissive, legal, agreeable, amicable, benevolent, commendable, pacific, superficial, tenderhearted, unobjectionable, correct, moderate, encouraged, civilized, mild, inoffensive, light, righteous, comradely, humane, incorruptible, chaste, warm, amiable, compassionate, genial, altruistic, decreased, honest, benignant, high, reduced, proper, companionable, charitable, obliging, kind, alleviated, tame, reputable, approved, unmalicious, lawful, clean, scrupulous, unerring, diminished, decent, moral, decorous, innocent, nice, licensed, esteemed, tender, spotless, shallow, squeaky-clean, hearty, ethical, seemly, elevated, nocturnal.

Examples of usage:

1) You are not idle nor vicious, and you know the value of money. - "The Hilltop Boys on Lost Island", Cyril Burleigh.

2) Reaching a decision they went through the gate in single file, carrying long vicious weapons with them. - "The Instant of Now", Irving E. Cox, Jr..

3) The Space- dragon wheeled and swept low over the field, its vicious guns blazing. - "The Instant of Now", Irving E. Cox, Jr..