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Spell check of validation

Correct spelling: validation

assertion, avowal, designation, authorization, corroboration, determination, documentation, information, commission, illustration, governing body, promise, counter-evidence, acknowledgment, ecesis, notarization, exhibit, indication, testimonial, attestation, governance, endorsement, administration, affirmation, license, voucher, ratification, pronouncement, organisation, organization, agreement, sanction, cogent evidence, statement, authentication, true, verification, constitution, confirmation, warrant, assurance, trial impression, establishment, proclamation, enfranchisement, data, deposition, brass, permission, connotation, testimony, institution, certification, check, test copy, consent, warranty, admission, authority, exemplification, fact, oath, specimen, submission, substantiation, evidence, approval, demonstration, quotation, assent, support, pledge, testament, declaration, manifestation, entitlement, empowerment, proof, observation, blessing, formation, witness.

surmise, accusation, assumption, conjecture, allegation, rebuttal, refutation, charge, suspicion, disproof, presumption, guess.

Examples of usage:

1) I will charge you five credits for this validation, since I am rendering a service. - "A World by the Tale", Gordon Randall Garrett.

2) The banker's validation of the plan may be an essential factor in its value. - "The Value of Money", Benjamin M. Anderson, Jr..

3) This ticket has no validation feature. - "Reno A Book of Short Stories and Information", Lilyan Stratton.