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Spell check of vacates

Correct spelling: vacates

surrenders, retires, gives up, rids, leaves, evacuates, abandons, resigns, terminates, disowns, accepts, absents, dispels, departs, jettisons, waives, forsakes, releases, defects, discontinues, ceases, forgoes, disposes, abstracts, parts with, capitulates, relegates, dismisses, cancels, abdicates, annihilates, lets go, rejects, drops, empties, quits, voids, disappears, relinquishes, casts off, deserts, omits, discards, nullifies, renounces, sheds, disclaims, vents, withdraws, disintegrates.

Examples of usage:

1) It does not in the least matter that your eldest son is a fool; we think your services so remarkable that he shall have the reversion of your honours when death vacates your noble shoes. - "The Rise of the Democracy", Joseph Clayton.