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Spell check of upgrade

Correct spelling: upgrade

creation, grade, rear, recruit, advertise, enhance, garnish, author, upgrading, AI, beggar, extend, march on, browse, come out, acquire, make headway, raise, stir, cant, rake, minibar, elicit, promotion, wage hike, fatten, upraise, shape up, bed and breakfast, tilt, uphill, nurture, win, backup utility, room and board, produce, ABEND, expand, get ahead, levy, slope, hill, back up, amplify, rising, lengthen, access, ascension, application software, hike, supercharge, reinforce, lift, maximize, multiply, kindle, access time, authentication, rising slope, procession, enlarge, prove, optimization, emanation, gain, renovate, widen, call forth, enrich, parent, get along, conjure, full board, conjure up, climbing, heave, automatic recovery program, increase, magnify, alpha test, bring forward, ascending, correct, farm, autoresponder, set ahead, augment, preference, better, invoke, beta version, add, A-D conversion, get up, acclivity, elevate, authoring, rise, burgeon, housekeeping, further, accrue, arouse, uprise, address book, enkindle, descend, get on, leaven, pitch, authoring software, cost increase, order up, archive, advance, improve on, room service, preferment, ameliorate, block, call down, application, batch, erect, burn, mounting, embellish, background processing, heighten, jump, artificial intelligence, gain ground, call up, board, promote, incline, diagonal, pass on, pull ahead, resurrect, bring up, fire, elevation, grow, broaden, set up, bankrupt, go on, evoke, alpha version, encourage, move on, climb, hospitality tray, come on, remedy, amend, burn in, inclination, comedown, salary increase, ascent, progress, disestablish, accounting package, put forward, boost, kick upstairs, push, inflate, provoke, help, capture, throw out, mount, improve, revitalize, advertize, meliorate, wage increase, come along, gradient, put up, elaborate, increment, hotel, refine, lean.

dethronement, abasement, downslope, declivity, downfall, depression, reduction, demotion, basin, break, dip, relegate, kick downstairs, bump, impeachment, suspension, downgrade, declension, receding, removal, hang, degradation, fall, declination, discharge, hollow, demote, ouster, overthrow, comedown, expulsion, unseating, drop-off, deposition, dismissal, hanging, downhill, decline, descent.

Examples of usage:

1) Finally, you'd like to be able to upgrade a program. - "Debian GNU/Linux: Guide to Installation and Usage", John Goerzen and Ossama Othman.