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Spell check of unsettled

Correct spelling: unsettled

irresolute, convertible, doubtful, hazardous, perplexed, flighty, floating, owing, changing, uncertain, migratory, various, transformable, tired, disturbed, movable, volatile, flickery, unconvinced, vagrant, fickle, Peripatetic, effectively, rootless, stable, vacillating, solid, breezy, receivable, aimless, unsteady, nervous, varying, disturbing, fresh, dubious, modifiable, grave, undetermined, severe, roving, migrant, alarming, peregrine, dazed, complex, reformable, trustless, feelings, certain, protean, spaced, anxious, hinky, skeptical, due, overdue, ticklish, unlocated, homeless, itinerant, stormy, active, precarious, circumstantial, iridescent, uninhabited, uneasy, concerned, agitated, fateful, vagabond, worrying, unpredictable, wild, serious, bewildered, erratic, adjustable, versatile, unresolved, planetary, tense, unassured, stressful, disoriented, distressed, blustery, restless, skittish, situated, brisk, suspicious, complicated, inconstant, unstable, simple, inconsistent, distressing, payable, troubled, unsure, variable, mistrustful, adaptable, transposable, drifting, stateless, risky, mutable, nomadic, fluid, shot, calm, wandering, indefinite, vicissitudinous, foggy, vague, effective, mercurial, unique, undecided, face to face, chatoyant, outstanding, confused, paradise, capricious, mobile, explosive, wavering, pay, variant, changeful, temperamental, unquiet, changeable, unsealed, incertain, change, fluctuating, wayfaring, unbalanced, insecure, windy, busy, perilous, flexible, kinetic, alterable, open, ever-changing, distrustful, squally, tentative, solicitous, unpaid, shifting, equivocal, owed.

determined, resolved, true, repaid, preconcerted, even, deterministic, durable, unchanging, built-up, immutable, lasting, equable, unchangeable, actual, predictable, accomplished, unquestionable, steady, nonnomadic, resettled, situated, convinced, real, infallible, liquidated, certain, stable, tried, confident, based, undeniable, unvarying, uniform, persistent, appointed, trustworthy, positive, effected, trusty, prescribed, dependable, strong, located, sure, sanguine, decreed, inhabited, ordained, permanent, stationary, settled, cleared, dictated, invariable, firm, paid, assured, relocated, tried-and-true, undoubted, changeless, self-assured, prepaid, constant, placed, decisive, confirmed, resolute, established, decided, incontestable, abiding, set, reliable.

Examples of usage:

1) I feel restless and unsettled since that conversation with Morrik's doctor. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

2) I was somewhat unsettled in my mind at the time I heard that sermon, and it started me thinking along new lines. - "If Any Man Sin", H. A. Cody.

3) He was not used to look back upon a decision once taken: he had no thought now of changing his mind, but the prospect of a breach with his father unsettled him. - "Hetty Wesley", Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch.