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Spell check of unrighteous

Correct spelling: unrighteous

rotten, depraved, immoral, dark, nefarious, iniquitous, evil, unethical, sinful, wrong, unlawful, unjust, black, unholy, lewd, wicked, vicious, vile, unsavory, villainous.

ethical, decent, law-abiding, wholesome, honest, legitimate, inoffensive, high-minded, irreproachable, creditable, squeaky-clean, perfect, esteemed, sublime, blameless, seemly, elevated, authorized, endorsed, lily-white, commendable, sanctioned, good, clean, supported, respected, principled, permitted, high, incorruptible, noble, licensed, chaste, scrupulous, proper, virtuous, permissible, approved, pure, moral, uncorrupted, correct, legal, upright, right, spotless, allowed, sound, upstanding, encouraged, venerable, worthy, exemplary, righteous, innocent, abetted, decorous, unobjectionable, unerring, honorable, guiltless, white, reputable, promoted, lofty, just, immaculate.

Examples of usage:

1) There seemed to be an odd intoxication in the face, pale, impassive, and unrighteous, as if the effects of a drug were beginning to steal upon the senses. - "The Way of Ambition", Robert Hichens.

2) Now that in sleep blood was out of his dreams a vision cruelly sweet came in place, and he was in the presence of Diadyomene, following her, reaching to her, close to her, yet never quite winning the perfect pressure of her lips, nor her gracious surrender to the worship of his hand; and waking was to unrighteous regret that he had turned from that splendid offer and lost it. - "The Unknown Sea", Clemence Housman.

3) What we have done to complete the unrighteous scheme upon which we had laboured for months has only been for your own good, dear friends that you are, though as yet divided from us by your carnal lusts. - "Max Carrados", Ernest Bramah.