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Spell check of universal

Correct spelling: universal

exhaustive, comprehensive, widespread, universal proposition, ubiquitous, everyday, unified, broad-gauge, cosmopolitan, thorough, unlimited, omnibus, orthodox, commonplace, average, belief, accustomed, limitless, multipurpose, plenary, cover-all, intact, order, usual, tellurian, overall, sum, integral, all-around, catholic, versatile, specific, astronomical, habitual, faith, stock, accepted, common, final, regular, worldwide, world-wide, chronic, all-purpose, all-in, dual-purpose, local, whole, traditional, undivided, theory, universal joint, specialized, transferable, restricted, prevailing, ecumenic, planetary, thought, unabridged, predominating, periodic, standard, fundamental, inclusive, widely distributed, oecumenical, steady, commitment, unsevered, peculiar, blanket, ordinary, oecumenic, solid, in-depth, empyrean, collective, constant, limited, all-inclusive, normal, vast, concept, monotonous, metronomic, through, public, broad-brush, axiom, canonical, recurrent, celestial, stellar, entire, accomplished, epochal, embracive, full, panoramic, familiar, idea, mundane, pandemic, world, earthly, finished, principle, master, all-embracing, philosophy, prevalent, global, multifunctional, sweeping, conclusive, cyclopedic, terrestrial, generic, done, routine, theorem, ideal, uncut, across-the-board, law, undisputed, extensive, one-size-fits-all, conventional, cyclical, protean, customary, everybody, complete, wall-to-wall, cosmic, total, ecumenical, altogether, everyone, continual, human, omnipresent, all, general-purpose, endless, adaptable, rhythmic, compendious, general, terrene, frequent, mass, popular.

inexperienced, amateur, noncomprehensive, exact, localized, incomprehensive, specific, fragmentary, bounded, circumscribed, infrequent, unadaptable, sectional, component, restricted, unknown, measured, constituent, specialized, uncommon, precise, exceptional, patchy, cross-sectional, limited, regional, finite, singular, sketchy, confined, particular, unusual, partial, incomplete, local, rare, narrow, divisional, individual.

Examples of usage:

1) I spent twenty days at Hong- Kong, during which time I became the object of universal consideration. - "A Lady's Captivity among Chinese Pirates in the Chinese Seas", Fanny Loviot.

2) Now, most of the legislation which has led Mr. Goschen to declare that universal State action is now enthroned in England has belonged to this order. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

3) But what socialists claim is a universal determination of normal wages, so as to give every man the full product of his labour, as the full product of his labour is understood upon their theory. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.