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Spell check of undergo

Correct spelling: undergo

continue, tolerate, bear, withstand, support, persevere, tarry, finger, bear with, suffer, feel, allow, endure, know, afford, go through, pass, receive, witness, incur, fumble, have, come under, permit, taste, go on, run up against, linger, brook, experience, handle, probe, see, take, get, grope, sustain, touch, respond, submit, prove, participate, meet with, encounter, abide, last, put up with, remain, persist, sense, share.

droop, give out, faint, despair, falter, break, fall, break down, succumb, yield, sink, give up, fail, surrender.

Examples of usage:

1) The torment that he had suffered there he must never undergo again. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.

2) But declares that if he does not deserve to undergo the torture, no one ever did or will. - "A Handbook to the Works of Browning (6th ed.)", Mrs. Sutherland Orr.

3) These older terms, in the course of evolution in meaning which words undergo, are used by us no longer to represent poetic creation, or imaginative work. - "The Literature of Ecstasy", Albert Mordell.