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Spell check of uncover

Correct spelling: uncover

show up, get, strip away, find, present, divulge, unbosom, undress, turn up, introduce, expose, unveil, disclose, dig, debunk, unmask, bring on, spill, denude, demonstrate, find out, unclose, publish, determine, show, unwrap, issue, uncork, put on, nail, give away, unearth, tell, blab, illustrate, endanger, throw back, manifest, bare, unclothe, ascertain, set off, disrobe, convince, divest, lay open, scupper, discover, evince, flourish, unscrew, tap, let out, uncloak, unsheathe, exhibit, flaunt, get out, establish, strip, betray, let on, open, bring out, produce, indicate, release, peril, gather, display, put out, reveal, break, read up on, dig up.

gloss, cloud, cover, hide, gild, veil, overshadow, enshroud, obscure, shade, bedim, becloud, secrete, whitewash, camouflage, overcast, shroud, disguise, varnish, eclipse, cloak, mask, darken, befog, conceal.

Examples of usage:

1) It took him half an hour to reach the first bone, and another half- hour to uncover the rest. - "Dead Man's Planet", William Morrison.

2) Collingwood, raising his eyes as he lifted his lips from his wife's, saw the man's abrupt halt and recoil; then beheld him uncover at the sight of the sleeping woman and their dead comrade. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

3) Much against my will I find myself compelled to uncover the dark pages of the selfish unfairness of rival interests. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.