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Spell check of try

Correct spelling: try

movement, investigate, look into, discover, fork over, affirm, cause, go all out, sweat, touch, turn up, chastise, raise, pilot, quiz, conversion kick, distress, filter, unfold, drive, eat, interpret, Australian Rules football, tense, bash, submit, supply, pass judgment, wrangle, filtrate, take heed, depict, estimate, tackle, establish, resolve, endeavor, experiment, determine, afflict, line-out, strive, picture, look for, aspire, pronounce, check up on, get wind, lambaste, appeal, probe, deliver, listen, approximate, avenge, gather, distort, torture, crusade, purify, undertake, fine, feat, get a line, anguish, try on, exertion, reprise, go after, decide, pillory, set about, castigate, shot, reach, scout, canvass, stab, extend, demonstrate, examine, accent, knock oneself out, penalize, emphasize, arraign, rise, analyze, keelhaul, propose, separate out, savour, lock, see, chase, testify, verify, tense up, incarcerate, enterprise, accentuate, canvas, try out, assay, look out for, seek out, confine, work, exploit, punctuate, leaven, pick up, endeavour, essay, show, prop, crash-test, hunt down, dig, scavenge, take, chasten, judge, open up, execute, evidence, cite, audition, conversion, elbow grease, give, label, settle, savor, smack, deform, subdue, guess, travail, effort, unlock, furnish, strain, humble, attempt, search out, study, go, research, look up, shew, bring, get word, persecute, trial, imprison, delve, fork up, consume, stress, venture, push, unscrew, provide, seek, contest, pry, ingest, pick through, whack, struggle, burden, find out, discipline, translate, force, follow up, Hear, shoot at, turn in, offer, fling, have, contend, bring before, allow, punish, claim, whirl, stand, bid, fifteen, yield, analyse, call, pass, turn out, labor, put through, soften, evaluate, challenge, attack, check, gauge, risk, crucify, manage, search, place kick, bear witness, emphasise, screen, fly half, fork out, buckle down, press for, render, go through, correct, taste, sift, agonize, undo, campaign, trial run, lay to, sieve, benchmark, learn, test, refine, puree, sample, convert, speculate, appear, sentence, generate, return, prove, try for, filter out, hand over, push for, adjudicate.

Examples of usage:

1) But the egg wouldn't stand for the man, try as hard as he could. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) She may not be at home just now, but you can try. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

3) I will at least try you for a week or two. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.