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Spell check of trivial

Correct spelling: trivial

pimping, empty, inappreciable, slight, cut and dried, vain, lower-ranking, little, de minimis, diminutive, mind-numbing, unavailing, piddling, bootless, midget, irrelevant, ineffectual, mean, small-fry, dreary, abortive, frivolous, rinky-dink, small-town, petite, measly, lowly, minor, beggarly, nonessential, momentary, scanty, pitiful, evanescent, humdrum, small, ordinary, picayune, meager, unsubstantial, uninteresting, subaltern, vapid, flyspeck, tedious, bantam, unsatisfying, Mickey Mouse, trite, small-minded, one-horse, inconstant, atomic, boring, trifling, incidental, minuscule, vanishing, piddly, idle, insipid, foolish, inconsiderable, insignificant, footling, flimsy, peanut, immaterial, microscopic, trashy, commonplace, shadowy, futile, paltry, profitless, useless, unessential, secondary, niggling, delusive, uninspired, indifferent, fiddling, inferior, null, wee, unreal, no-account, deceitful, unserviceable, piffling, two-bit, nominal, negligible, minute, petty, shallow, worthless, mangy, junior-grade, inconsequential, nugatory, chicken, tiny, banal, fruitless, big, lilliputian, visionary, dribbling, dinky, dull, baseless, skin-deep, unexciting, meaningless, short, inconsequent, scurvy, superficial, unimportant, unprofitable.

consequential, renowned, principal, noteworthy, key, material, basic, eventful, conspicuous, overbearing, valuable, great, real, exceptional, effective, discernible, adequate, remarkable, chief, fateful, pivotal, decisive, dominant, expedient, significant, famous, useful, important, big, considerable, sound, weighty, all-important, distinctive, efficient, preeminent, prestigious, outstanding, advantageous, appreciable, illustrious, solid, beneficial, overmastering, eminent, serious, meaningful, substantial, profitable, serviceable, distinguished, striking, potent, essential, powerful, momentous, fatal, of import, major, worthy, worthwhile, sufficient, measurable, valid, fundamental, competent, impressive, overriding, prominent, notorious.

Examples of usage:

1) This fact, apparently trivial, worried her more than the dejected appearance her father presented. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

2) He was above such trivial things as heat and cold, hunger and thirst. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

3) Much of it was lovers' talk, sometimes too absurd or trivial to put down in black and white, or else too sacred to come staring at one from the pages of a narrative. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.