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Spell check of tripe

Correct spelling: tripe

hamburger, dreck, spiel, minute steak, drivel, rubbish, gimcrackery, hot dog, gimcrack, stuff, garbage, ravings, apple sauce, scum, mumbo-jumbo, chalk, chop, T-bone steak, chitterlings, frankfurter, ground beef, roast, chicken, bacon, Canadian bacon, meat loaf, cutlet, sleaze, codswallop, shabu, brains, deoxyephedrine, turkey, slush, meat, venison, ham, smoked sausage, muck, chicken feed, wish-wash, sirloin steak, double dutch, porterhouse steak, meat pie, veal, sausage, loin chop, pot roast, pork chop, methamphetamine, cheese, trash, liver, giblets, crank, beef, frill, ice, folderol, methamphetamine hydrochloride, tenderloin, sirloin, flesh, slop, poultry, meth, filet mignon, gobbledegook, flank, wiener, crapola, sweetbread, ham hock, kidney, trumpery, roast beef, pork, glass, lamb, mutton, fillet, nonsense, scrap, applesauce, brisket, ribs, lamb chop, rump roast, spareribs.

Examples of usage:

1) Simmer till the tripe is tender. - "The Myrtle Reed Cook Book", Myrtle Reed.

2) The tripe de roche had to be boiled,- it could not be eaten else,- and where was the fire? - "Popular Adventure Tales", Mayne Reid.

3) The tripe de roche would be of no more use to them than so much dry grass. - "Popular Adventure Tales", Mayne Reid.