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Spell check of trigger

Correct spelling: trigger

bow and arrow, flick, evocation, start, effect, galvanize, energy, result in, mortar, invent, knock, firearm, Browning, stiletto, prompting, lead to, generalisation, ax, machine gun, instauration, ordnance, force, ram, revolver, torpedo, sparkle, rocket, knob, incite, stimulus, inflame, hammer, spur, repeater, drive, bullet, jolt, blowpipe, stock, inductive reasoning, effectuate, trip out, knocker, rifle, saber, hasten, poke, start out, awake, fomentation, facilitation, create, stimulation, javelin, pique, founding, weaponry, knowledgeability, pistol, spindle, Winchester, pull, turn on, weapon, battery, bring about, shank, catalyze, pitch, brake, explode, prod, carbine, base, engage, peashooter, jaunt, goading, urge, persuade, bring back, inductance, form, inspire, incitation, hurtle, flash, cutlass, muzzle, punch, foundation, start off, knowledgeableness, stumble, touch off, Colt, egg on, scimitar, culprit, heater, spear, induction, crank, part, jog, prevail on, brace, impetus, creation, shotgun, sling, institution, work up, get off, bring out, jostle, shell, influence, strike, luger, foment, handle, cause, magnetism, excite, bilbo, rapier, boomerang, set out, armament, Remington, bomber, bump, handgun, incitement, catalyst, convince, fling, recall, caliber, travel, impulsion, elicitation, trigger off, lance, eject, shoot, generalization, initiation, lug, bring on, bayonet, bring, gun, artillery, move, calibre, set forth, depart, blow up, actuate, cannon, detonate, flood back, generate, make, contributor, occasion, provoke, encourage, stimulate, launch, hurl, come to, Sidewinder, instigate, instigation, dissuade, energize, inaugurate, bazooka, throw, bore, spark off, clip, broadsword, provocation, thrust, fire, blunderbuss, innovation, impel, activate, run, origination, take off, installation, propel, doorknob, sword, urge on, flamethrower, heave, blowgun, shooter, catapult, claymore, aerate, source, ammunition, knife, missile, piece, set-off, induce, trip up, push, spark, machete, magnetize, offset, gun trigger, ingenerate, enticement, dagger, howitzer, musket, cancel, arrow, chamber, stir, coax, secure, mace, introduction, motivate, control, barrel, lob, goad, nudge, club, fermentation, entice, motive, remind, compulsion, stir up, propulsion, trip, prompt, shove, gauge, ferment.

cut out, stunt, cut, brake, cut off, suppress, check, deactivate, slow, shut off, decelerate, stick, arrest, stall, turn off, stop, halt, jam, draw up, repress.

Examples of usage:

1) Always she gave him that impression of hair- trigger readiness to fight, to rip and tear and give no quarter. - "Command", William McFee.

2) Gerard, recognising his old enemy, had covered him with his revolver, and drew the trigger. - "The Luck of Gerard Ridgeley", Bertram Mitford.

3) Then suddenly seizing his opportunity, he slipped his rifle between the shoulders of two of the striving Ngobamakosi, and hardly taking aim pressed the trigger. - "The Luck of Gerard Ridgeley", Bertram Mitford.