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Spell check of trick

Correct spelling: trick

number, cozen, travesty, exploit, finesse, conjuring, jig, roguery, legerdemain, charade, shine, rag, caper, monkeyshine, whoremonger, whoremaster, scheme, dummy, skill, recitation, takeoff, pull a fast one on, romp, individualism, recital, laugh, curiosity, antic, tactics, string along, john, excite, bathroom, fox, put on, double-cross, gag, singularity, custom, deceit, wile, proficiency, lure, quiddity, round, conjury, Trojan horse, kink, shakedown, aptitude, monologue, intrigue, machination, impersonation, succeed, frolic, distortion, shuffle, full house, pattern, pretense, dissembling, have, tic, deception, method, misspeak, plant, misrepresentation, lavatory, chicanery, invent, blind, frivolity, interpretation, play false, weak, disguise, experience, hoax, dodge, privy, lav, gambol, plot, hand, gambit, enfeebled, fob, gift, play a trick on, tour de force, jest, magic, jape, spoof, pull someone's leg, stint, joke, fabrication, knack, forgery, stratagem, shenanigan, unsteady, shavie, simulacrum, fraud, fake, discombobulate, manufacture, facility, harlequinade, escapade, delicate, contrivance, shift, fraudulence, parody, good, equivocation, stretch, dupery, counterfeit, juggling act, stunt, mastery, jocularity, semblance, ritual, malnourished, can, illusion, ruse, crotchet, talent, time, know-how, decoy, quip, dissimulation, confound, gimmick, bilk, trap, pasquinade, sport, impression, sleight, cover, dupe, waggery, quibble, circumvention, throw, turn, phantasy, play a joke on, sham, make up, lark, pitfall, call, practice, swindle, mannerism, hitch, art, invention, entrap, craft, ambush, tour, feeble, bid, front, befuddle, means, lead astray, knavery, infirm, sickly, mislead, ploy, habitude, go, way, fool, guile, feat, sendup, trickery, capriccio, humbug, flush, eccentricity, come-on, wont, hoodwink, lampoon, spell, betray, oddity, japery, mirage, prank, beguile, improvisation, frail, feel, twist, sell-out, lie, perjury, concealment, juggle, play, take-in, feint, falsehood, dirty tricks, snare, peculiarity, fetch, honest, fast one, honesty, watch, fuddle, gyp, job, concoct, fabricate, prowess, work, erraticism, buffoonery, quirk, competence, deed, confuse, grand slam, invocation, truth, ability, cunning, head game, phoney, imposture, flimflam, fantasy, burlesque, clowning, hang, incantation, deceive, vulnerable, wrinkle, rip off, trick of the trade, cards, fancy, accomplish, second nature, game, conundrum, evasion, artifice, inning, bluff, clip, thaumaturgy, conjuration, deal, practical joke, capriole, subterfuge, delusion, bamboozle, touch, delude, bedevil, fashion, casuistry, treachery, double-dealing, bait, four-flush, con, mockery, conspiracy, bout, cheat, dealer, magic trick, maneuver, duplicity, dido, Punch and Judy show, conjuring trick, device, catch.

fairness, innocence, guilelessness, conformity, ingenuousness, artlessness, honesty, candor, simplicity, truth, sameness, openness, frankness, sincerity.

Examples of usage:

1) " Do you know," he remarked to Jim, " I never thought of it before, but I've been playing a low- down trick on that poor girl. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

2) It was a low- down trick to play on you, and that's a fact. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

3) It has a trick o' doin' it, I believe! - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.