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Spell check of trawler

Correct spelling: trawler

dory, paddle boat, dugout, bait, aircraft carrier, creel, fishing line, puller, icebreaker, kayak, sailboat, scull, tugger, longboat, motorboat, ship, freighter, skiff, dinghy, gunboat, ocean liner, fishing boat, fishing rod, lifeboat, dragnet, barb, watercraft, cargo boat, battleship, tugboat, bateau, rowboat, speedboat, decoy, tanker, drifter, galley, cruiser, houseboat, drift net, barge, hulk, scow, cockpit, sampan, hydrofoil, catamaran, destroyer, vessel, raft, bark, dragger, submarine, cabin cruiser, merchantman, schooner, yacht, cutter, gondola, liner, steamboat, boat, canoe, pontoon, frigate, ferry.

Examples of usage:

1) When I went to sea as cabin- boy on the " Mary R." of Gloucester, the men on the trawler tried to " lick me into shape," as they called it. - "Swirling Waters", Max Rittenberg.

2) It was not until ten o'clock that a trawler came within distance of seeing them, but apparently their signals of distress were not noticed, for the fishing vessel passed on to its work and disappeared over the horizon. - "Swirling Waters", Max Rittenberg.

3) And the trawler can't touch 'em, 'cause there's a rock here and there as would stop their net. - "Menhardoc", George Manville Fenn.