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Spell check of transfigure

Correct spelling: transfigure

qualify, transform, spiritualize, make over, adapt, glorify, turn, extol, metamorphose, idealize, vary, deviate, fluctuate, modify, dignify, mutate, transpose, proclaim, alter, commute, spiritualise, diversify, vacillate, veer, exalt, set, exchange, transubstantiate, transit, signalize, translate, convert, reform, modulate, substitute, transmogrify, change, transmute, laud, shift, adjust, alchemize.

continue, stay, retain, keep, bide, hold, endure, abide, remain, persist.

Examples of usage:

1) Her eyes, of a grey- blue, constantly varying in colour, striking some as intensely blue, others as of a pale, washed- out grey, were small and not beautiful in themselves, but when she grew animated in conversation, those eyes lit up the whole face, seeming in a manner to transfigure it. - "George Eliot", Mathilde Blind.

2) The silence appeared silly; there was, and there could be, no emotion to justify, to transfigure it. - "The Literary Sense", E. Nesbit.

3) Yet the religious instinct will always strive to maintain its continuity with the past, however it may transfigure the legacy of ruder ages. - "Roman Society from Nero to Marcus Aurelius", Samuel Dill.