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Spell check of tough

Correct spelling: tough

gunman, intent, bully, motivated, unflagging, cowling, tangled, criminal, heavy-handed, con woman, indigestible, adverse, enemy, bruiser, unshakeable, tireless, snarly, cool, operose, mercenary, complicated, sensitive, stern, opponent, delicate, drug baron, stressful, gladiator, hempen, resolved, bothersome, sticker, hardhearted, purposeful, catchy, exacting, unfeeling, difficult, punk rock, indomitable, hardhanded, forged, accessory, bullheaded, wearing, stony, passive, searing, firm, tender, grinding, inflexible, tricky, rival, bad, insistent, knobbed, arduous, competitive, thickened, pick-and-shovel, mighty, con artist, rowdy, decisive, uncooked, endure, sturdy, excellent, stubborn, premium, sorry, mettlesome, contrary, Augean, tight, cowl, contestant, sweat out, cruel, oaf, tinder, surd, too bad, oppressive, puzzling, driven, strict, unsound, murderous, snarled, savage, willing, gristly, dedicated, continue, convoluted, apathetic, uncompromising, evildoer, enduring, exhaust hood, unemotional, soft, inseparable, grueling, yob, wearisome, yobbo, passionless, steadfast, gawk, boneless, hard-bitten, leatherlike, touchwood, objective, problematic, sinewy, troublesome, jouster, sound, challenging, enured, wiry, monster, unbending, callous, spunky, ferocious, simple, unfavorable, hairy, brawny, high-risk, hardened, unconcerned, militant, uncollectible, uncomfortable, knockout, diligent, lean, rioter, desperate, problematical, intricate, baffling, chewy, antagonist, thorough, soldier, unchewable, complex, hunky, knotted, courageous, strong-minded, husky, barbarous, cantankerous, dogged, cutthroat, rough, gnarly, powerful, stalwart, spunk, duelist, aloof, vulture, tough-minded, man-at-arms, kindling, prickly, ruffianly, decided, concentrated, taxing, loyal, fervent, determined, serious, relentless, warrior, old, herculean, unchangeable, debatable, ogre, ambitious, persistent, gnarled, tyrant, ruthless, resolute, energetic, clod, tall, fibrous, iron-willed, terrorist, adversary, strong-armer, involved, meaty, athletic, brute, rigid, snake, stiff, arsonist, deliberate, unwavering, anesthetized, strong, violent, vicious, vandal, persist, unfortunate, true, coherent, adhesive, fence, wrongdoer, flintlike, cast-iron, lummox, hearty, toughie, law breaker, resisting, steady, bloodthirsty, zealous, spoiled, abductor, tricksy, knockabout, rugged, battler, fearless, demanding, punishing, punk rocker, disorderly, ruffian, virile, obstinate, vigorous, unfit, treated, bulldogged, pugnacious, indifferent, onerous, coriaceous, fine, harsh, intemperate, potent, hard, hood, set, dauntless, combatant, pugilist, friendly, inhuman, thuggish, uphill, grim, demon, able-bodied, bold, sweaty, constant, swordsman, stringy, bad guy, raw, brutal, healthy, furrowed, robust, flinty, child molester, steely, street fighter, sedulous, reliable, sticky, emotionless, moiling, tenacious, rapacious, backbreaking, bony, faithful, unflinching, strong-willed, fragile, skinless, action, competitor, goon, cartilaginous, finicky, cold-blooded, lump, heavy, speculative, undaunted, committed, devoted, brave, solid, fussy, vital, rough-and-tumble, hardy, unyielding, cumbersome, drug lord, leathery, fighter, purpose, hooligan, viper, severe, terrible, broken, inured, grievous, formidable, lout, ticklish, heartless, poser, gruelling, effortful, exigent, leathered, uproarious, unbreakable, hard-handed, implacable, spoilt, trying, foe, toilsome, genial, thorny, weighty, lubber, fiend, capable, earnest, staunch, austere, rigorous, conman, flyblown, quarreler, excruciating, easy, big, detached, tempered, hard-boiled, crook, punk, assailant, subtle, dense, heavy-duty, durable, laborious, desperado, calloused, yobo, unforgiving, indefatigable, scoundrel, spiny, rubbery, nonchalant, regretful, hardline, burdensome, jellied, first-class, unvoiced, uncontrollable, unsentimental, headstrong, testing, bonnet, inedible, hellacious, dispassionate, touchy, plucky, vampire, obdurate, irresistible, riotous, risky, inexorable, cap, fierce, toughened, authoritarian, tough luck, thief, weather-beaten, bitter, elusive, muscular, struggler, untimely, roughneck, hoodlum, insensitive, uncompassionate, ramrod, voiceless, dodgy, nasty, brawler, thug, stringent, stout, valiant, tortuous, stumblebum, wearying, unsympathetic, knotty, weak, stumper, defective, numb, persevering, blunt, strenuous, stable.

doable, cuttable, manageable, indulgent, easygoing, perishable, facile, frail, unsound, snug, easy, crisp, sentimental, transient, crispy, calm, forbearing, exhausted, flexible, tenderized, comfy, simple, moderate, friendly, weak, gentle, responsive, user-friendly, run-down, vulnerable, unresistant, elementary, compliant, agreeable, resistless, protective, pleasant, straightforward, lenient, mild, balmy, delicate, worn out, pliant, patient, light, clear, willing, enfeebled, fragile, restful, uncomplicated, flaky, mortal, accepting, laid-back, charitable, infirm, comfortable, emasculated, soft, acquiescent, pliable, good, worn, comforting, temporary, tolerant, untoughened, tender, relaxing, smooth, accessible, complaisant, soothing, nonviolent, mushy, puny, flakey, luxurious, bearable, temperate, painless, crippled, genial, wasted, compromising, mindless, tenderised, chewable, achievable, softhearted, kind, diseased, merciful, tolerable, incapacitated, cheap, hospitable, clement, weakened, sensitive, amenable, peaceful, effortless, undemanding, lax, debilitated, susceptible, enervated, unproblematic, yielding, endurable, relaxed, reposeful, sapped, cozy.

Examples of usage:

1) They were all sorry for Manley, and told him he was " sure playing tough luck," but they couldn't sell any hay, that was certain. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

2) " It is pretty tough," admitted Glenning. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

3) They had come upon a mass of high rocks over which it was well nigh impossible to make their way, and Jack stopped, looked around him and said: It seems a pretty tough job, Dick. - "The Hilltop Boys on Lost Island", Cyril Burleigh.