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Spell check of thrive

Correct spelling: thrive

expound, expatiate, blossom, amplify, progress, Fligh High, make progress, make it, get ahead, din, flourish, wax, lucubrate, batten, spread out, go, achieve, bloom, wither, nail, smash, win out, mushroom, expand, prevail, luxuriate, shoot up, shine, attain, grow, blast, exposit, boom, inflate, enlarge, fail, win, burgeon, extend, fly high, increase, score, succeed, thunder, elaborate, prosper, dilate, die, blow up, wave, boom out, flesh out, brandish, advance, radiate, rise, arrive.

fall short, miscarry, flounder, fail, struggle, miss, come short, lose.

Examples of usage:

1) They found that this was why the mutton they had eaten for tea and breakfast was so tough; for, because sheep cannot thrive in that part of the country, goats are kept and killed for meat. - "In the Musgrave Ranges", Jim Bushman.

2) Without me he could not thrive. - "Melomaniacs", James Huneker.

3) I do not thrive here- during these long, cold Oakdale winters. - "Grace Harlowe's Senior Year at High School or The Parting of the Ways", Jessie Graham Flower.