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Spell check of threaded

Correct spelling: threaded

travel, tied, laced, linked, glued, bound, followed, sequential, hinged, fastened, fused, ranked, lined up, knit, sutured, stayed, succeeded, connected, queued, go, closed, progressing, sequenced, move, sorted, buckled, bracketed, locomote, wind, thread, wander, consecutive, weave, chained, strapped, arranged, progressed, zipped, trained, serial, concatenated, aligned, stringed, clinched, welded, cemented, knotted, strung, stitched, linear, arrayed, coupled, meander, ordered, pasted.

Examples of usage:

1) I have threaded narrows, And I have passed through perils That you know nothing of! - "Open Water", Arthur Stringer.

2) Lady Bell said nothing, but she smiled " in her old colonial way," as they called it, and threaded through the lane of human beings on the stairs. - "Only One Love, or Who Was the Heir", Charles Garvice.

3) Something throbbed up in her throat, she gathered them with a desperate grasp, threaded her way through the great enclosure, and passed out into the street amid a babel of voices. - "In Wild Rose Time", Amanda M. Douglas.