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Spell check of thong

Correct spelling: thong

scaffold, gas chamber, rope, switch, gibbet, twine, flip-flop, block, solitary confinement, turnaround, guillotine, cowhide, birch rod, whiplash, electric chair, rack, cilium, reversal, prison, ax, cane, change of mind, gallows, strap, captivity, jail, pillory, noose, iron, rawhide, stake, turnabout, whip, string, maiden, bull whip, rod, truncheon, lash, stocks, eyelash.

Examples of usage:

1) The thong whistled through the air over the drover's head and came forward. - "In the Musgrave Ranges", Jim Bushman.

2) On recovering consciousness, he found himself bound in a most artistic manner by a thong of deer- skin, which Nelatu had found near the hut. - "The White Squaw", Mayne Reid.

3) The cutting of the thong then takes place. - "The Sun Dance of the Blackfoot Indians", Clark Wissler.