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Spell check of thesis

Correct spelling: thesis

interpolation, discussion, topic, research, point, premise, principle, criticism, problem, outline, query, dissertation, article, examination, critique, treatise, meditation, motif, issue, idea, contention, presumption, proposition, consideration, conjecture, reason, words, theory, question, presupposition, hypothesis, concept, opinion, essay, paper, postulation, clarification, inference, position, instruction, analysis, gloss, explanation, contestation, interpretation, postulate, text, exposition, subject, monograph, axiom, matter, basis, statement, supposition, commentary, assertion, belief, paradigm, theorem, argument, theme, assumption.

assurance, knowledge, certainty, fact.

Examples of usage:

1) Now, in return for this splendid thesis, I want to ask my Congressman some favors. - "Epistles-from-Pap-Letters-from-the-man-known-as-The-Will-Rogers-of-Indiana", Durham, Andrew Everett.

2) " To- day, I infer, you returned to the scene of your crime," continued the doctor, speaking in the dry tones of one developing a thesis. - "The Gray Phantom's Return", Herman Landon.

3) It quoted the returns of recruiting in Ulster in support of its thesis: " The fact that out of 200, 000 Unionists of military age in Ireland- men who talked Empire, sang Empire and protested they would die for the British Empire- four out of every five are still at home, declaring they will not have Home Rule, is proof that the Irish Unionist knows his present business." - "The Evolution of Sinn Fein", Robert Mitchell Henry.