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Spell check of tangle

Correct spelling: tangle

snap, encumber, tousle, embrangle, constipate, haul, unravel, entrap, confusion, sail, felt up, brush, wrangle, involve, head-scratching, encumbrance, entangle, knot, bung, impediment, trail, discombobulation, hamstring, disadvantage, opposition, distraction, congestion, hassle, counter, conflict, matt-up, argue, drop back, bafflement, inhibit, stay, obstruct, brake, bottleneck, quibble, mystification, drag on, contend, blockade, delay, trap, impasse, ravel out, jam, snarl, inhibition, entanglement, labyrinth, snag, confound, swing, matte up, bamboozlement, stoppage, burden, hinder, mire, swing out, constipation, interrupt, drag in, espouse, fight, paralyze, complication, constraint, felt, mat, confusedness, embrace, dishevel, hamper, clog, barrier, squabble, cart, ensnarl, bewilderment, restrain, enmesh, hindrance, cross, hurdle, adopt, ensnare, snarl up, perplex, plug, constrain, deter, frustration, puzzlement, check, drop behind, foul, complicate, interruption, traverse, free, restriction, hang back, embroil, obstacle, sweep, fetter, thwart, get behind, mat up, web, bar, obstruction, maze, trammel, confuse, resist, dredge, choke, cramp, perplexity, spat, bemusement, baffle, congest, draw, impair, span, whirl, handicap, befuddlement, dam, detain, embarrass, frustrate, curb, fog, bicker, order, catch, crimp, block, tiff, broom, drawback, restrict, scuff, blockage, deterrent, matte, dispute, simple, hale, puff, quarrel, bewilderedness, damper, resistance, stop, impedance, oppose, restraint, drag out, muddle, sweep up, cripple, ravel, drag, impede, snare.

confidence, sureness, positiveness, straighten out, untangle, certitude, conviction, unscramble, unknot, disentangle, unravel, assurance, certainty, unpick, unsnarl.

Examples of usage:

1) It was a grand river, what I'd call a small salmon river, tumbling into pools over great water- worn boulders, with a tangle of reeds and bamboos above flood mark. - "From Edinburgh to India & Burmah", William G. Burn Murdoch.

2) She came to the water's side, and leaning over, saw far down in a tangle of green weeds a face that looked back to hers, faint and blurred by the shimmering movement of the water. - "Moonshine & Clover", Laurence Housman.

3) Every kind seems in a riotous tangle. - "In Wild Rose Time", Amanda M. Douglas.