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Spell check of taint

Correct spelling: taint

smirch, buy, splotch, denigrate, scuff, fleck, bribe, obscure, dapple, brand, infect, reproach, contamination, spot, dent, asperse, dishonor, deprave, mark, befoul, scratch, maculate, offset, better, kink, freckle, stigma, check, deformity, disgrace, besmirch, fault, bruise, decompose, speck, grease one's palms, sully, scrape, putrefy, demoralize, cancel out, smear, harm, fog, hack, tarnish, imperfection, rot, damage, character assassination, pollution, misdirect, fracture, defile, muddy, slur, gash, slander, mar, smear campaign, chip, cost, defect, deteriorate, foul, spoil, calumniate, deface, pervert, abrade, stain, scar, obnubilate, debauch, smudge, blister, soil, profane, molder, dirty, clean, turn, ignominy, distort, decay, debase, blot, cloud, attaint, respect, overshadow, befog, vitiate, slit, blemish, neutralize, overcast, mottle, mist, pollute, disfigurement, deform, daub, flaw, attack, discredit, nick, blur, defacement, bespatter, injury, break down, defame, thrive, blacken, onus, spatter, contaminant, besmear, notch, score, subvert, disfigure, corrupt, smut, MARKS, discolor, dot, black eye, streak, contaminate, pockmark, becloud, demoralise, loose on, disintegrate, haze over, hurt.

glory, rectitude, award, fame, righteousness, integrity, modesty, probity, virtuousness, good, credit, disinfect, goodness, purity, repute, uprightness, right, legitimacy, scrupulousness, honesty, chasteness, renown, chastity, honor.

Examples of usage:

1) Down one terrific hill, falling at an angle that no one unless he lived in Cornwall would dare to make a road, and up another, is Botallack, with its well- known mine, now stilled, and the taint of the red tin is felt in earth and air for many a mile beyond. - "Cornwall", G. E. Mitton.

2) Yet though, indeed, he told no untruth, and was happy whenever she was with him, there were times when a restlessness and a longing for wings took hold of him; for, as yet, the life of a man was new and half strange to him, and a taint of his old life still mixed itself with his blood. - "Moonshine & Clover", Laurence Housman.

3) There was no taint of legacy- hunting in her conduct,- heaven forbid such a suspicion! - "Erlach Court", Ossip Schubin.