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Spell check of swing

Correct spelling: swing

trail, aim, liven up, suspend, agitate, short-circuit, motion, unload, turn, cutting off, armchair, quaver, rocker, go around, bang out, deteriorate, campstool, sway, acid house, dangle, undulation, sink, flutter, detour, about-face, grapple, bucket seat, turnabout, lounger, wavering, rumble seat, neglect, miss, pew, sparkle, sweep, stinger, hesitation, sag, whip, lawn chair, gash, blast, fluctuation, dismiss, backswing, cruise, conversion, blues, furniture, wave, recliner, drip, quiver, embroider, background music, lunge, straight chair, cut down, leave out, golf shot, move on, brush, swerve, go, diverge, persuade, acid jazz, renounce, wake up, expend, stool, put down, take, sedan chair, sling, deletion, baseball swing, cut of meat, span, bogie, crossing, chaise longue, ace, tremble, bench, vacillation, volte-face, treat, traverse, waver, redirect, lounge chair, swivel, contend, dribble, whirl, twirl, swivel chair, bhangra, wriggle, manipulate, swing over, caddy, bypass, dining chair, brandish, beat, embroil, bluegrass, enliven, cut, articulation, beach chair, rotate, ottoman, cope, broom, carry, twist, day trip, bogey, divert, drop off, hassock, swinging, pretermit, oscillation, shudder, vary, bar stool, spin, throw away, saddle, field, sofa, drag, rhythm, accompany, jar, deviate, flap, exploration, circle, backing, tangle, strike down, hit out, reappraisal, convert, target, cutting, track, droop, shake, cold shoulder, drive, spend, birdie, beat out, shift, golf stroke, negotiate, degenerate, jive, lash out, send packing, overleap, backup, bob, wheel, swirl, shed, swing out, ignite, slash, totter, fell, quake, throw, drape, maneuver, commute, hack, roll, blast away, throw off, chair, overlook, bunker, drop down, pivot, chaise, backpedal, send away, adapt, bebop, parasol, revolve, deflect, address, lilt, jolt, flatten, swing music, get around, omit, spice up, ambient, revise, joggle, fluctuate, play, chaise lounge, throne, cast off, sail, seat, capitulate, strike at, deck chair, swipe, manage, arrange, brolly, draggle, strike out, reel, sheer, wobble, get out, cross, leap, devolve, thrill, rotation, cast, loll, break, circuit, rock, knock off, discharge, excision, atmospherics, snub, hang, oscillate, turnaround, back, excursion, shiver, jounce, set down, sweep up, vibration, nod, expedition, revolution, bounce, perk up, flight, veer, shake off, turn off, get about, drag in, vibrate, slice, undercut, drop, baton.

foozle, louse up, bungle, goof, scamp, fumble, mess, mishandle, botch.

Examples of usage:

1) The dogs, although not giving up the battle, scattered, for the swing of the creature's feet did not suit their battle methods. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) We'll have to take hold if the log won't swing clear, he said. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

3) Why, they ought to swing this thing for us as a matter of local pride. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.