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Spell check of superior

Correct spelling: superior

awesome, marvelous, five-star, top-level, master copy, cool, brave, spiffing, masterful, ruling, splendid, sterling, gone, peachy, terrific, president, heavenly, nifty, senior, master key, paramount, upper-level, sniffy, preferred, maximum, signal, passkey, uppity, professional, schoolmaster, eminent, lake superior, unsurpassed, high-handed, better, out-of-sight, select, tip-top, patronising, hypernym, primo, fine, passe-partout, higher-up, righteous, prodigy, slick, bonny, immense, leading, chief, distinguished, brilliant, overweening, transcendent, commander, important, superordinate word, best, fab, chesty, commanding, top-ranking, premium, radical, aristocracy, huffish, presuming, tiptop, lordly, hype, ace, imperious, furthest, peachy keen, exquisite, number one, controlling, astral, unaffected, maestro, hot, outlandish, prima donna, high-level, self-asserting, numero uno, pompous, top-notch, noteworthy, unprecedented, assumptive, bumper, foremost, lord, olympian, beautiful, peculiar, winner, capital, headmaster, noble, fantabulous, haughty, good, sensational, superman, sovereign, topping, bumptious, crackerjack, chosen, luminous, stiff-necked, elite, pukka, novel, consummate, huffy, exemplary, first-string, excellent, striking, highest, presumptuous, high, toplofty, exotic, peremptory, quintessential, gilt-edged, quality, sea captain, miraculous, finer, classic, uppermost, remarkable, loftiest, star, ranking, condescending, self-assertive, crowning, ascendant, top-flight, superordinate, gangbusters, master, zenith, pucka, supercilious, down, superscript, overlord, bang-up, frontline, nobility, preeminent, highfalutin, high-and-mighty, surpassing, brag, extraordinary, corking, majestic, blue-ribbon, higher-ranking, high-ranking, pretentious, prime, furthermost, greatest, supernal, super, divine, victor, bully, wonderful, upper, above par, blue-chip, bright, phenomenal, jim-dandy, topnotch, shining, groovy, banner, lofty, top-hole, champ, first class, leader, phat, virtuoso, prizewinning, predominant, fabulous, well-made, dynamite, superlative, neat, A-1, A-OK, high-performance, prestigious, tops, outstanding, first-rate, top-of-the-line, grand, exceeding, captain, exceptional, four-star, paragon, unusual, uppish, headmost, dandy, stellar, above, a-one, A1, prize, prideful, original, par excellence, king, supreme, disdainful, high-hat, keen, cracking, skipper, notable, most, choice, champion, dominant, illustrious, swell, high-class, superb, arch, patronizing, cavalier, prize winner, top-shelf, premier, fantastic, mean, famous, wizard, boss, boffo, lovely, top, great, redoubtable.

deferential, shrinking, unsatisfactory, shy, lowly, insignificant, yielding, coarse, acquiescent, low, woeful, common, diffident, substandard, timid, scrawny, bashful, commercial, terrible, junior, modest, rotten, resigned, mediocre, ingratiating, utility, small, retiring, third-rate, utility-grade, homely, poor, cowering, cheesy, awful, bum, chintzy, crummy, quiet, unpretentious, unassuming, reserved, outclassed, overmodest, deplorable, submissive, sheepish, subordinate, apologetic, bush-league, unaggressive, cheapjack, sleazy, scrubby, affected, base, demure, vile, minor, shoddy, low-grade, low-level, unassertive, unimportant, bush, middling, ropy, middle-level, punk, less, inferior, unobtrusive, pathetic, humble, passive, adscript, unsung, tawdry, atrocious, introverted, unpretending, execrable, tinny, miserable, second-class, compliant, meek, cringing, subdued, second-rate, wretched, obscure, subscript, ropey, coarsened, mousy, average, bad, lousy, uncelebrated, cheap, stunted, indifferent.

Examples of usage:

1) If you're going to live in this country, why not quit thinking how out of place you are, and how superior, and meet us all on a level? - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

2) They want to have all things in common, somehow or other; but for master or superior of any sort they will have none, be it king or committee. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

3) " Not at all funny," Curl told him in a superior tone of voice. - "Fair and Warmer", E. G. von Wald.