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Spell check of summary

Correct spelling: summary

synopsis, scrapbook, extract, narrative, table, registry, conspectus, recount, novel, survey, itemization, analysis, capsule, portrayal, essentials, schedule, docket, sententious, documentation, enumeration, check, report, menu, version, laconic, thickset, statement, core, apothegmatic, treatise, bill, heavyset, count, register, collection, terse, store, reduction, memoir, waybill, curt, recording, score, dictionary, capitulation, tally, inventory, diary, scroll, journal, pad, catalog, book, list, file, sense, annals, telegraphic, album, pandect, budget, description, digest, account, thick, sum-up, compendious, epigrammatic, chronicle, census, aphoristic, paraphrase, outline, compend, yearbook, article, abridgment, index, recap, anecdote, compact, summing-up, ledger, roundup, total, prospectus, essence, history, lexicon, recapitulation, treasury, elliptical, logbook, log, notebook, monograph, summation, minutes, epitome, crisp, tabulate, condensation, abbreviation, recounting, roster, review, telling, annual, repertory, skeleton, pithy, rundown, drumhead, wrap-up, syllabus, excerpt, thumbnail, daybook, thesaurus, sum, succinct, precis, manifest, detail, tablet, case, concise, record, calendar, stocky, invoice, monosyllabic, roll, abstract, unofficial, resume, sketch, brief, compendium.

supplemented, redundant, expanded, circumlocutory, windy, verbose, exaggerated, wordy, official, inflated, rambling, prolix, tautological, tautologous, embroidered, repetitious, circuitous, diffuse, pleonastic, enlarged, embellished, long-winded.

Examples of usage:

1) Abandoned or Idle Farms: Statistics for Counties and Summary for the United States. - "Frying Pan Farm", Elizabeth Brown Pryor.

2) After this one is somewhat prepared for Drant's remarkable summary of his methods. - "Early Theories of Translation", Flora Ross Amos.

3) But this is a very summary statement of what my real advance has been. - "The Debit Account", Oliver Onions.