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Spell check of SUMMA

Correct spelling: SUMMA

sum, résumé, wrap-up, summing-up, conspectus, abstract, rundown, roundup, sum-up, summarization, brief, recapitulation, encapsulation, run-through, inventory, epitome, synopsis, digest, capsule, précis, recap, outline, breviary.

addendum, enlargement, expansion, amplification, supplement.

Examples of usage:

1) Fair women converted into demons, and dragged by ruffianly soldiery through the streets to universal execration and pitiless death; children of tender age pinned to the earth and bayoneted; men innocent or not, shot, cut, stabbed, slashed, destroyed- a whole city given up to the summa injuria of an infuriate, reckless, and brutal army! - "How I Found Livingstone", Sir Henry M. Stanley.

2) Summa: There was never seen such joy; and after having service in church, they all returned to the castle in the same order, and set themselves down to the banquet. - "Sidonia The Sorceress V1", William Mienhold.

3) I guess the summa folks 'll like it, too. - "Short Stories and Essays From "Literature and Life"", William Dean Howells.