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Spell check of substitute

Correct spelling: substitute

ancillary, mediator, metamorphose, mock, reliever, backup man, modify, argot, reservation, appointee, make out, interchange, relieve, utility, captain, all-American, pretend, aide, commute, renewal, musical accompaniment, flip, turn, impresario, assuagement, middleman, supersede, replacing, successor, understudy, replace, accompaniment, acolyte, buzzword, false, ringer, agency, assignee, alternate, derivation, qualify, reserve, envoy, commuter, appoint, succeed, instrument, deputise, imitative, servant, supplant, ballplayer, captaincy, fill-in, catchword, put back, fireman, ease, artificial, complete, simulated, veer, sculptural relief, attorney, ghost, nominate, dummy, call up, spokeswoman, agent, imitate, transmute, exchanged, taciturnity, bench, intervene, factor, alternative, traded, join, metaphor, synthetic, delegate, helper, antonym, vehicle, representative, go-between, shade, transform, switched, broker, unreal, executor, bogus, duty officer, military reserve, breadwinner, makeshift, break into, alternating, alleviation, allayer, pinch-hitter, championship, token, change, swapped, mouthpiece, center forward, fill out, rest, second, double, mimic, lieutenant, easement, transfigure, cowboy, supplanting, step in, enter, switch, conference, vary, relief, factitious, attendant, fake, spokesman, sham, assign, cognate, alter, diversify, standby, modesty, proxy, stockpile, liaison, displace, moderation, intermediary, backfield, easing, auxiliary, boy, counterchange, trade, back, backing, replacement, replenishment, embossment, man-made, pinch-hit, helpmate, figurehead, refilling, ministration, blue, backup, start, convert, transposition, flip-flop, respite, depute, draft in, permutation, counterfeit, actor, attach, support, succor, center, draft, surrogate, comforter, contraction, emissary, transpose, career woman, pinch hitter, designated hitter, exchange, imitation, secondary, interfere, represent, supervene upon, apparatchik, arm, subrogate, deputy, faux, back formation, displaced, sub, succour, swap, reticence, operative, rest period, assistant, arrive, commissioner, connective, rilievo, club, tack, supply, stand-in, relief pitcher, superseding, nominee, land, patronage, backlog, substitutive, switch over, renew, substitution, interpose, collocate, second-string, relievo, ersatz, subrogated, computer backup, desk person, give way, ombudsman, shift, deputize.

first, true, primary, abide, hold, pure, retain, lasting, equal, permanent, genuine, continue, persist, bide, legitimate, authentic, same, bona fide, identical, real, original, keep, stay, former, remain, natural, quality, valuable, premium, unadulterated, endure.

Examples of usage:

1) An exceedingly poor substitute, of course; but it explained everything he wanted to know. - "Fair and Warmer", E. G. von Wald.

2) He was not prepared to accept anything in the world as an adequate substitute for achievement. - "Command", William McFee.

3) This seemed such a convenient substitute for " never," that he was not surprised to get no answer save a sound like " Tchah!" - "Command", William McFee.