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Spell check of submit

Correct spelling: submit

hire, deviate, stoop, consent, pass, endure, surrender, affirm, train, resist, cut in, blink, twist, try, turn, capitulate, shoot, communicate, postpone, interpret, put off, sustain, lend, hold, deliver, chime in, go on, circulate, relent, nominate, fork out, fold, admit, render, face, obey, prorogue, ingest, quote, yield, conjure up, support, impart, share, need, study, demo, demand, conform, recognize, exhibit, acquaint, give in, contend, demote, insert, invoke, budge, classify, hold over, fix, follow, throw in, shelve, salt away, harmonise, cede, proffer, distribute, use up, look at, hand, conjure, award, carry, undergo, fill, adopt, validate, inject, withdraw, endow, necessitate, stir, acquiesce, take in, assist, bequeath, free, leave office, read, go through, bump, turn in, occupy, vacate, invite, bomb out of, introduce, evoke, buckle under, butt in, make, bias, bring, assume, raise, consider, suffer, get, convey, mold, ape, exact, declare, engage, stick in, arouse, choose, bend, allow, set up, portray, call down, set back, suggest, settle, knuckle under, mimic, ask, postulate, generate, instal, cite, present, break in, genuflect, verify, demonstrate, roll over, remove, interpose, put up, show, proclaim, come under, observe, pay, take away, subject, attest, stash away, testify, comply, store, defer, ration, tell, picture, posit, pack, rent, bring up, drive, approach, lose, turn over, situate, diverge, salute, put forward, provide, tender, send, enter, inclose, chisel in, influence, install, precede, take, patch up, renounce, bestow, translate, resign, fork up, crouch, express, grant, take on, accede, fork over, pick out, warrant, give up, accept, progress, attribute, issue, extend, remit, contract, assure, pose, represent, certify, give away, aver, call, direct, lay in, appeal, cave, set down, dole, call for, fund, persuade, twine, endorse, strike, learn, acquire, subjugate, bar, guide, ascribe, keep to, lavish, maintain, assign, give, promise, subscribe, stack away, buckle, relinquish, lay out, confront, relegate, film, adjure, kowtow, bid, consume, donate, pass on, succumb, make up, charter, say, advance, break, aim, incline, move on, go down, consign, crook, banish, pledge, put across, warp, bow down, barge in, select, assent, call forth, abide by, acknowledge, step down, bow, depict, attempt, incur, concur, assert, take up, serve, hive away, arraign, have, hand over, put over, profess, lease, quit, devote, pass around, supply, allot, reach, dispense, subscribe to, go out, furnish, avouch, appease, disburse, expend, come in, table, respect, adhere, ratify, advise, propose, approve, agree, march on, deal, interject, shower, stage, leave, fulfill, corroborate, claim, appear, return, help, accommodate, state, part with, propound, release, lead, contribute, conciliate, curve, deflect, enclose, pronounce, reconcile, bring before, involve, get hold of, harmonize, gift, conduct, offer, adhere to, put in, set forth, require, concede, kick downstairs, take aim, contain.

constrain, withstand, restrain, buck, contend, thwart, counter, confront, endure, combat, prevail, conquer, meet, triumph, inhibit, face, beat, bridle, resist, repel, win, check, stand, reject, battle, hold off, stifle, curb, overcome, defy, fight, oppose, object.

Examples of usage:

1) But she was not willing to submit herself to the process. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

2) Go on I must, and submit to my destiny. - "A Lady's Captivity among Chinese Pirates in the Chinese Seas", Fanny Loviot.

3) I was only to submit to her authority, and would certainly be grateful to her afterwards. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.