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Spell check of stuporous

Correct spelling: stuporous

misty, stupefied, stunned, dopey, numb, torpid, awareness, action, foggy, logy, dull, unergetic, sluggish, fuzzy, insensible, fogged, muzzy, insensitive, unresponsive, benumbed, dazed, blurred, hazy, blurry, bleary, hebetudinous, groggy, wooden, brumous, lethargic.


Examples of usage:

1) He remained in this stuporous condition, leading a more or less passive existence, for about a month after admission. - "Studies in Forensic Psychiatry", Bernard Glueck.

2) On the other hand, recovery may ensue after the stuporous condition has lasted for several weeks. - "Manual of Surgery Volume Second: Extremities--Head--Neck. Sixth Edition.", Alexander Miles Alexis Thomson.

3) A vein on the forehead was opened for the treatment of migraine and diseases of the eyes, on the nose in case of discharge from the eyes, back of the ears in chronic headache and in stuporous conditions, or beneath the chin when there was pain in the eyes, or in the nose, or in the jaws. - "Psychotherapy", James J. Walsh.