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Spell check of stripe

Correct spelling: stripe

shock, genus, color, freckle, make, nature, lot, stock, letter, line, banding, persuasion, type, box, race, mold, calamity, buffet, bandeau, yellow ribbon, tessellate, chevron, thump, streak, concussion, dapple, kidney, articulation, array, fleck, blow, family, ginmill, argyle, dance band, disaster, barroom, division, coloration, people, column, grain, ilk, configuration, breed, genre, circle, order, decoration, dance orchestra, variegate, class, kind, classification, fillet, saloon, designation, marble, grade insignia, stripes, insignia, cut, run, like, style, matter, caste, discoloration, striation, border, rank, isthmus, group, phylum, stamp, ring, degree, MARKS, check, variety, band, legal community, cake, series, taproom, misfortune, strip, species, level, manner, button, label, form, demarcation, armband, striate, badge, lash, strain, legal profession, taxonomy, arrangement, set, cuff, prevention, sort, measure, chronology, stria, layer, grade, colorize, genotype, bar, denomination, brand, checker, arabesque, step, kingdom, ribbon, category, cast, clan, knock, rap, description, feather.

Examples of usage:

1) Evie's own figure had become dim until little of it had showed but the handkerchief in her lap, the narrow white stripe of her black and white blouse where her little black jacket parted, and, as at last she had turned, the motion of her eyes. - "The Debit Account", Oliver Onions.