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Spell check of strengthened

Correct spelling: strengthened

commanded, enlivened, excited, empowered, authorized, toughened, fortified, roused, braced, reinforced, activated, built, hardened, strong, animated, buttressed, supported, powered, tempered, revived, energized, enforced, invigorated, agitated, enthused.


Examples of usage:

1) By the first, beside many a loftier lesson, he was confirmed and strengthened in his native respect for accurate studies of the living world around him. - "Holbein", Beatrice Fortescue.

2) Thad's position was, if anything, strengthened by Cameron's hostility. - "The Pioneers", Katharine Susannah Prichard.

3) If you speak of them in simplicity, your heart will be relieved, and strengthened. - "Letters of Madam Guyon", P. L. Upham.