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Spell check of stock

Correct spelling: stock

transmission line, striving, commonplace, mezzo, article, going, bullion, old-hat, direct marketing, commodity, livestock, bullish, constant, course, antecedents, root, middling, tribe, method acting, line of work, ritual, kin, brand, line of reasoning, bid, catsup, ground, species, note, metronomic, decline, money order, hiding, funds, subscriber line, estate, personal credit line, farm animal, blood, storage, familiar, parcel, substance, allotment, stock list, capital, pipeline, barbecue sauce, origin, mediocre, datum, inception, stamp, sort, entrepot, strain, tune, resources, telephone circuit, beginning, promissory note, sterling, chronic, report, dramatic, chunk, melodic phrase, popular, A to Z, ingot, clove pink, seam, short letter, rip, comport, assortment, spud, capacity, ancestor, production line, habitual, bearish, telephone line, tendency, caste, classification, customary, investment firm, wealth, trite, crank, cross-selling, investment trust, customer care, arithmetic, balance, title, rake, family, cache, ancestry, shopworn, derivation, wrinkle, bear, stash, behave, merchandise, take, backlog, stature, nervous strain, normal, acting, allocation, bank line, cold call, peddle, copper, store, pack, part, traditional, fixtures, line, fact, regular, land, pedigree, gestate, parenthood, continual, shop, parentage, label, carnation, zone, gunstock, possession, fall, assembly, purse, dip, job, series, petty cash, buy in, run, proportion, change, pullulate, accumulation, business, flog, budget, lineage, chattel, birth, communication channel, dignity, agate line, dull, assembly line, armory, transport, doorknob, variant, currency, stress, produce, subdivision, gross, kingdom, real estate, call, realty, territory, stock certificate, bank note, division, bit, variety, predominating, form, burgeon forth, pull, measure, taxonomy, transmit, partition, phylum, information, frequent, impart, ordinary, caudex, bond, aspic, helping, fill, balsamic vinegar, handle, legacy, cable, credit rating, collect, ration, class, self-worth, unoriginal, stereotype, principal, standard, order, effects, bale, rakehell, declination, inventory, net worth, dominant, melodic line, bear market, song, category, interest, shank, run-of-the-mill, expect, germinate, material, greenback, set, hawk, member, stock up, denomination, dollar, stocktaking, step, roue, gillyflower, demarcation, wad, style, on, extend, bouillon cube, rhythmic, fraction, wherewithal, furrow, lash, nugget, middle-of-the-road, bull market, pocket money, routine, wallet, channel, predominant, crinkle, IOU, credit line, knocker, buyer's market, fortune, receipts, flogging, aioli, amount, cargo, well-worn, mundane, hackneyed, armoury, medium, prevailing, hold, conduct, depot, tired, post, type, threadbare, commission, domain, possessions, mid, blood line, fund, midmost, pride, memory, persuade, feather, news, battery, storehouse, loot, aftermarket, split, take to, draft, batch, push, branch, retail, coulis, argumentation, ranch, reserve, brace, inventorying, business line, issue, designation, monotonous, line of merchandise, contain, cow town, recurrent, farm, common, precede, belongings, stuff, general, lug, orthodox, goods, in, dribble, declension, periodic, fathers, persuasion, portion, people, silver, memory board, convey, genus, prevalent, downslope, moolah, block, income, matter, cattle prod, make, detail, cane, conventional, knob, rep, ore, family tree, go up, staple, accustomed, everyday, custom, mold, half, worth, cram, kindred, data, melody, balance sheet, logical argument, mental strain, forebear, level, word, genealogy, source, way of life, neckcloth, saturate, average, churn rate, moderate, corporal punishment, spindle, appropriation, argument, cred, monetary fund, have a bun in the oven, compartment, sway, spending money, stake, air, dairy, percentage, assemblage, cash, hoard, jam, profit, bondholder, ocellus, kind, chastise, dividing line, computer storage, shoot, corral, stripe, linage, bailout, status, beating, coupon, quantum, ware, treasure, cash flow, carry, canonical, broker-dealer, dividend, pounds, launch, trigger, auction, rail line, grain, wampum, blood money, holding, bill, bevy, street cred, broth, cut, inheritance, nisus, tenor, chutney, crate, daily life, nest egg, assets, reservoir, quota, coinage, line of descent, money, descendant, line of credit, degree, halfway, raw materials, express, descent, billet, clan, deport, product line, line of products, realm, stockpile, arsenal, railway line, var., bid price, phone line, universal, bankroll, agglomeration, forbear, median, lot, occupation, profligate, habit, bourgeon, check, share, sector, seed, element, filiation, investment company, contrast, extraction, findings, gold, ways and means, grade, mean, pack in, cyclical, sprout, swag, ilk, computer memory, Malcolm Stock, brake, scratch, bloodline, rank, steady, property, dark, epochal, choke, opposite, banal, move, house, allowance, rootage, bank, bull, proceeds, sell, received, self-respect, breed, origination, slice, straining, stemma, piece, crook, pains, dough, usual, personal line of credit, manor, line of business, simple eye, bounty, crease, acquit, genotype, timeworn, race, declivity, self-respecting, segment, crowd, empire, lucre, keep.

extraordinary, unusual, unpopular, original, exceptional, nonstandard, irregular, abnormal, unconventional, uncommon.

Examples of usage:

1) She could use that, or a stock saddle, either one, planned Mrs. Hawley anxiously. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

2) You'll have to ride a stock saddle. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

3) One of Custer's stock. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.