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Spell check of star

Correct spelling: star

thaumaturgist, chief, victor, headmistress, maestro, renowned, ad-lib, outstanding, head teacher, notorious, commanding, sensory faculty, comic, aesthesis, antimatter, school principal, noted, governor, mahatma, ensign, arc lamp, Samaritan, senior, ideal, cosmic dust, prize winner, champ, totem, spotlight, illuminator, principal, famed, acrobat, abbot, headlight, sense experience, dress uniform, phenomenon, celebrity, check, commander, dark matter, asterisk, angiotensin converting enzyme, exceller, hint, fluorescent light, hotel, elite, brainiac, starry, cross, dealer, character actor, big-name, stunner, confidential information, VIP, cuboid, double, spark advance, star topology, asteroid, executive, head, savior, dean, room and board, Cancer, jumper lead, cluster, flair, lamp, hexagon, starring, queen, body double, chart, moon, superman, hotshot, commandant, sire, captain, conjurer, icon, trail, mercury-vapor lamp, whizz, title-holder, player, incandescent light, miracle, play, king, wizard, curiosity, wind, headmaster, minibar, astrological, treasure, cross out, track, underscore, mark, costar, ruler, admirer, winner, titleholder, Aquarius, protagonist, thaumaturge, bright, clown, dear, stamp, supporter, camouflage, astral, officer, bearskin, aristocracy, taper, neon light, tip, quartermaster, room service, floodlight, searchlight, luminary, landlady, mastermind, sense datum, oil lamp, desk light, actor, leader, light bulb, paladin, marvel, comedienne, order up, sentiency, premier, signal, brain, well-known, corpus, steer, pilot light, moonbeam, breastplate, magician, distinguished, klieg light, portray, prima donna, visible, prima, luminous, sensation, hospitality tray, headliner, celebrated, equilateral triangle, sun, preeminent, light, saint, lead story, director, blouse, sense, expert, jumper cable, beacon, the last word, fighter, tether, sense impression, thunderbolt, leading, superior, rarity, battledress, ham, the Top Ten, noble, flame, ruling, table lamp, superstar, double for, Aries, heptagon, guru, president, squire, landlord, astrology, candle, brilliance, board, sorcerer, Capricorn, leash, understudy, favorite, enact, notable, lede, nobility, kingpin, atomic number 82, stellar, skull and crossbones, wonder, redoubtable, wizardry, overact, prestigious, constellation, ace, plot, comet, astrologer, chevron, go-to guy, comedian, unity, proprietress, mother, oddity, the Big Dipper, white flag, artist, champion, diamond, act, fire, whiz, the gold standard, shocker, sentience, torch, leading lady, artiste, mandarin, service mark, lead, jack-o'-lantern, cube, superwoman, virtuoso, boss, necromancer, housekeeping, mavin, street lamp, personality, heart-throb, prodigy, spectacle, talent, fractal, illustrious, governing, crackerjack, hero, prominent, Gemini, noteworthy, Lord, single, actress, living legend, full board, lantern, tungsten lamp, sovereign, celestial object, mensch, wonderwoman, major, adept, presiding, booster, fairy godmother, perfection, master, the glitterati, flashlight, highlight, scribble, paragon, angel, flagship, friend, proprietor, manager, floor lamp, signet, pencil lead, optimum, flare, directing, authority, body armor, swastika, performing arts, genius, public figure, combat, cast, sleb, wiz, bed and breakfast, maven, one, principal sum, Britannia, black hole, lead-in, underline.

insignificant, anonymous, inferior, uncelebrated, minor, obscure, unsung, average, unpopular, unknown, unfamous, mediocre, inconspicuous, unexceptional, unimportant, nameless, undistinguished.

Examples of usage:

1) Instead, on Christmas Eve, when the first star appeared in heaven, a little tree in Mr. Rawlinson's tent, intended for Nell, was illuminated with hundreds of candles. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

2) The angular altitude of the sun, star or planet does the same. - "Lectures in Navigation", Ernest Gallaudet Draper.

3) Now each star in the heavens is in reality a sun, i. - "Lectures in Navigation", Ernest Gallaudet Draper.