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Spell check of stamp

Correct spelling: stamp

cue, supply ship, alert, affection, pounder, banner, help, uproot, marker, brand, do away with, revenue stamp, blot out, step, lighthouse, strain, flavor, mix up, label, level, classify, ticket, postage stamp, ship's boat, trample, class, point out, symbolize, tread, form, guide, grade, mildew, beckon, denomination, wave, impress, classification, taxonomy, molding, move, motion, denote, plaster bandage, obliterate, individuality, rank, effect, character, stripe, emblem, badge, ilk, cast of characters, clan, species, cachet, sort, stomp, token, boss, designation, grave, gesticulation, casting, indication, impression, people, moulding, category, denotation, engrave, order, way, degree, quirk, race, mould, eradicate, pigeonhole, press, tag, opinion, assort, quality, property, keynote, clay sculpture, clear, dramatis personae, die, idiosyncrasy, stump, seal, shape, attender, attendant, forte, pinnace, caste, postage, logotype, abolish, picture, erase, hurl, mold, etch, point, punch, hint, imprint, kingdom, difference, diagnostic, type, printing, pointer, arrange, pestle, nod, family, belief, particularity, categorize, tromp, remove, feature, variety, prompt, wipe out, stereotype, style, series, notation, specialty, legal tender, liquidate, definiteness, seal of approval, sealskin, guidepost, symbol, make, mannerism, inscribe, muller, note, annihilate, notify, wink, grain, roll, crest, phylum, modeling, characteristic, hallmark, extinguish, bid, peculiarity, genus, figure, feather, persuasion, attribute, sign, sealing wax, fix, differentia, copy, legend, attribution, specific, mark, betoken, emboss, reproduce, notion, icon, breed, insignia, indicate, plaster cast, designate, depression, MARKS, signpost, beacon, shrug, gesture, nudge, gesticulate, cast, criterion, snuff out, key, kind, trait, semaphore, rub out, logo, extirpate, stock, genotype, exterminate, line, set, specialization, fingerprint, signal, group, tender, print, touch, feeling, mental picture, cutter, flag.

Examples of usage:

1) The colt was very quiet, his only movement being an occasional stamp of the foot. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

2) Besides, he had not failed altogether, for he had at least caught a glimpse of the stamp on the letter, and he had no doubt that it was a Canadian one. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.

3) If you see a light of any sort, stamp on the deck. - "Command", William McFee.